Teenage Dirtbag

He's got a gun. I'm being threatened. I can't do anything about it. 'Cause i'm just a teenage dirt bag.

Liam Payne Falls in Love. But being Liam Payne means his luck ran out years ago. He's in love with a girl who has a boyfriend. Not only is he her boyfriend, but they used to be best friends. And now he has a gun and threatens anyone who doesn't do what he says.

{One Direction and 5SOS Fanfic}


4. He Brings a Gun to School.

I wake to the sound of my alarm clock blaring the song 'Can I play with Madness' By, you guessed correct, Iron Maiden. 'Ugh' I moan, slipping out of bed and into my black jeans at top. I walk into the lounge and see popcorn, chips, lollies, chocolate and rubbish everywhere! I'm guessing everyone left. But then i hear a moan and a crashing sound in the spare room. I quickly ran and opened the door to reveal a naked Amelia. 'AHHH!' She screamed. She pulled the sheet off the bed to cover herself revealing a naked Zayn. 'Oh My God.' Is all I say. I slam the door shut and shout through the crack, 'Get changed quick and wake Zayn up. We have bloody school in an hour! Get out of my house!' I go back down stairs and find that at least Lou and Niall have the descentcy to leave before morning. You're probably thinking why do I have a house to myself? Well, my parents kicked me out and called me a teenage dirt bag. Not nice, I know.

I make breakfast and a sleepy Zayn and Amelia come rushing down the steps. Amelia's face was flushed pink. probably from my run-in. I grab two banana's from the fruit bowl and hand them to them. 'Eat these and get out of my house. Zayn you are welcome back anytime but Amelia you are not.' I shove them out the door before they can say anything and start tidying up the place that used to be a room.

*At school*

I pull up in the student parking lot and see that I have parked next to Harry. His IROC.We had so much fun as mates in that car. I remember when... No. Stop that. He ruined your life remember? I still don't like talking about it. I haven't even told Lou, Niall or Zayn yet. I quickly take a look inside to see if the stain from... something is still there. I gasp. Not because it's still there but because there's a gun in the back seat. He brings a gun to school. I think. Crap. I better not get on his very bad side. I'm glad he didn't bother to question further after PE. He'd kick my ass If he knew the truth. I turn away from the cars and towards the school. Harry has changed so much since last year. He's a whole new person.

When I reach the top steps there's a loud sound blasted in my ear.

'Good Morning Students!' It's the speaker coming from the principals office. 'Today your first class will be cancelled, due to a last minute assembly. That is all. Thank you.'

Mrs Hudson is our principal. She isn't a bad one. If you do the right thing that is. If you're in trouble, she'll be as mean as a hornets nest.

I go to my locker and see that a poster has been stuck up. "PROM NIGHT! Theme: Under The Sea. Venue: Theatre. Time: Last week of school, 7.30pm, Friday." I groan. I hate dances.

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