The Lost Girl

People get lost in time sometimes, but there's no one quite as lost as Amanda Grey. She's spent an eternity jumping from place to place, much like the Doctor does, but she can't control it, can't stop it. She's alone in the universe, but she has hope. There are stories scattered through time about the Doctor. Fair warning - female Doctor. If you don't like don't read.


2. Sweater Homocide

Hands seized me almost as soon as the strange force that propelled me through time plonked me down on the planet surface. I flapped my arms ineffectually and gasped a fairly pathetic scream into the heavy night air, and suddenly I was heaving breaths that tasted of metal and tea. There was a gentle humming, and I was dumped onto the floor in some strange room, with a large console in the centre of it, glowing faintly and contently. I could feel the walls and the floor beneath me brimming with some ancient personality, and some of the despair I carried around like a constant companion now bled away at its gentle touch.

“Oh, the Tardis is being very nice”, someone remarked, sounding surprised, “I wonder why she’s doing that”.

Someone else touched my arm, “Are you okay? I know I never get used to time travel, and the Tardis offers a great deal more protection than I imagine you’re afforded, out there”. I looked around at him, a mousy sort of boy with short, brown hair sprinkled with flecks of blond. He wore a white shirt with a very colourful jumper and a scarf he’d no doubt knitted himself, for it was riddled with dropped stitches and not even a little bit scarf-shaped. “I’m sorry about the Doctor, she’s a little distracted right now”, he continued, “I can make you a cup of tea, if you want?”

I felt the sudden urge to make him leave, so I nodded breathlessly and watched him leave down a side corridor, sitting with my back pressed against a warm railing. A strange woman stood at the console, slapping buttons with a quizzical expression, as though she doubted this was really going to work. It took her a few moments to realise that I was staring at her. She turned and frowned at me with the same distant look I’d seen in her eyes the first time I saw her.

I watched her drinking in every detail of my cobbled-together outfit, with additions from planets scattered throughout space and time. She looked at me like I was her reflection in the mirror, and I heard her mutter something under her breath, “Is that what I really look like now, a load of patchwork put together with apparent carelessness?”

Then she jerked back suddenly, and looked around at the glowing centre of the console, “What was that for? I swear you were nicer to all the other ones. Just because I’m not pretty boy anymore!” She scowled, then smiled slowly, “Oh, I understand now. My manners, must have left them lying somewhere again, forgot to say hello”.

She spun around lightly, “Hello there, sorry about that, I do forget about introductions sometimes. It used to be my favourite thing”, she paused and closed her eyes, “Hello”, she said, grinning, “I’m the Doctor”.

“I know”, I said.

“Oh, that’s too bad. I still don’t like it when people already know. Something a bit worrying about it all… Can’t think why”, she frowned into space and then pulled her attention back to me with visible effort, “Well, if it helps to even it out, I know who you are too”.

“Yes”, I nodded, “I know that. I’ve been searching for you too”.

The Doctor smiled, “There are lots of people searching for me, and most of them aren’t doing it for any good reason, so I must ask, who are you and what have you done to time?”

“Nothing”, I said, “The question is what has time done to me”.

“I ask the questions”, The Doctor sauntered over and sat down opposite me, “Because otherwise nothing gets done, and we don’t have a lot of time. Alex thinks that the Tardis will keep you anchored, but she can’t do that. She’s trying, I’ll give her that, but time is pulling at you”.

“Can you make it stop?”

“Shh”, the Doctor pressed one finger to my lips, “But the answer is yes, or at least I’ll try”.

“Plenty have before”, I mumbled.

“Oh yes, but they suffered from one fatal disadvantage!” The Doctor sprang to her feet once again and began twisting cogs and pulling levers at the console again.

I couldn’t help myself, “And what’s that?”

She turned and beamed at me, “They weren’t me! Now don’t worry, this is what I do, more or less, just try and stay put, alright? Can’t have you whisked off now can we?”

The Doctor turned back to the Tardis console and began chattering to herself, bemused at some of the words that made it past her lips, senseless chatter with plenty of long words, but really she was listening. And there it was! The Doctor wrenched a lever down and the Tardis lurched wildly. In the hall someone cried out as they spilled lukewarm tea on themselves.

The Doctor busied herself with landing the Tardis while Alex struggled into the room, holding an empty cup of tea and the crushed remnants of two chocolate biscuits in his fist, “You promised to warn me when you were going to do that!” He yelled, setting the empty cup down on the console and dragging off his jumper.

“I really can’t sound properly apologetic when all I can think of is the service I’ve done to the universe by removing yet another one of your jumpers from circulation. You realise they’re ridiculous?”

“You’re ridiculous”, Alex said testily, looking around for the girl, “She’s gone again”, he noted in a very depressed voice.

“I know”, the Doctor said, “I sent her away”.

“Is there any point in asking why you did that?”

“No, not right now”, she waved her hand at Alex, “Now shut up and mourn your jumper, I’m busy”.


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