The Lost Girl

People get lost in time sometimes, but there's no one quite as lost as Amanda Grey. She's spent an eternity jumping from place to place, much like the Doctor does, but she can't control it, can't stop it. She's alone in the universe, but she has hope. There are stories scattered through time about the Doctor. Fair warning - female Doctor. If you don't like don't read.


4. Rose

The water churned violently around her, and she struggled in much the same way she struggled against everything, fiercely, but pointlessly. “Come on, Doctor!” she could barely think over the tidal roar, “Think of a plan; you’re good at that”.

She groped for her sonic, and it glowed through the water, feverishly hot to the touch and she held it out above her, hoping that she was facing upwards, and held down the button. It let off a shrill keening sound and she shot upwards, sucking in one panicked lungful of water before shooting about a meter into the air.

She flopped down onto cold steel, coughing water, and had barely a moment to wonder how on Earth she’d managed that before someone’s dirty white runner came within inches of her face. She rolled away, startled, and pushed her fringe back off her face. And there she was, looking about her with a bemused, but excited, expression, the one she was so used to seeing on another face now.

“Rose”, the Doctor breathed, and then Rose had turned and was looking right at her. No, right through her, and she heard a voice, wafting along the passage through which Rose had no doubt come, “It’s an old mining operation”. He appeared (she appeared, if you want to get into that) with his hands deep in his pockets, rake thin inside that wonderful pinstriped suit. She missed it, but memories are sometimes best left buried in the Tardis where they belong.

The Doctor watched herself stride into the room, her hair artfully untameable, “There’s no one here anymore”, he continued, “They bled the planet dry and left”.

Rose looked at the dusty line of consoles, with an array of faintly flickering lights, “Why would they do that?” she asked.

The Doctor shrugged, “It takes a lot of fuel to run the universe. There are planets like this everywhere; uninhabitable, just waiting to be gutted”.

“It’s not right”, Rose said, with conviction, “They just destroy entire planets and leave?”

“They have to get energy from somewhere, and this is preferable to what the Sontaran do. It’s like on Earth, when you dump all your rubbish somewhere. You’re destroying your own planet already. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination for it to come to this”. But Rose was still frowning, pensive.

The Doctor was more than a little puzzled. Rose had seen world burn, she’d held her father’s hand as he died, she looked into the heart of the Tardis. She was Bad Wolf, yet an old mining operation still had the ability to upset her. He was mystified, and more than a little confused at the procedure for comforting her. She didn’t seem in the mood to go and get chips. He opened his mouth, closed it, indecisive.

Eventually, he strolled to her and put his arms around her shoulders, pulling her tightly against him, “What’s wrong?” he said it gently, apprehensively.

“Nothing”, she said, wiping a tear from her eye. It seemed like a pretty big contradiction, “Well, it’s just, everything ends”.

He stared at her for a moment, “I suppose it does. Well, I know it does”.

She nodded, “You know better than anyone”.

“I suppose”, he said, “But there are things I don’t know too. You can never really know whether or not something’s going to last forever when it’s still happening. 900 years of time and space doesn’t give you all the answers”.

“Maybe this doesn’t have to end”, Rose said, almost to no one in particular, “We could find a way”.

The Doctor nodded. He didn’t say yes; it seemed like chancing fate. The more you know about the universe, the more you realise that you don’t know anything. So you take precautions. You don’t chance fate.

They stood and watched the red lights blinking, then Rose squirmed out of his grip, “Right, this is boring”, she reached out and took his hand, “Let’s try for ‘fun’ this time, yeah?”

He grinned, “Oh, I’m the king of fun”.

Rose made a face, “Don’t”.

“Okay, I’m just the Doctor then”, he pulled her towards the door, “Quickly now, we only have all of time and space”.

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