This is a collection of quotes by writers about writing.


1. Why We Write by Doug Krauth

Disclaimer: These are quotes from writers. Unless otherwise stated, I do not own these.

Listen to the rich hazel chords of this verse and submerse yourself in my language. As my words flutter into the space betwixt the air itself, I want you to recognize their strength. Feel them pervade the air in your lungs and let them dance on the tips of your eyelids. Do not blink. Do not breathe. Do not move. Concentrate on the language of creation, my language, and the language of all others who choose to write. Under authority of words, I remain a child, eyes open and gleaming for life to sweep me off my feet. This is the power of words, the power to create and to grow and to remain. Open your eyes and your mind and create beauty like no one else has before. This is the experiment of language and the life of the creator.

Listen: We can be so much more than just people. We can be Gods! We can create universes out of the blood of pens and a single thought; we can pluck names from our soul and make history; we can live forever in the etchings of a dream on a stone wall. Our homes are paper caves that will never crumble and our lives are as infinite as the weaving of our words. Let the language out! Let the words live! Write about love and hunger and the tears of children. Write about the color of screaming and the sensation of triumph. Cut the vein and bleed your story onto the page, let it soak the paper in black gold and tell the story of the God of dreams. Listen now and understand the weight of your words. This is the experiment of language and the life of the creator.

This is why we write.

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