That One Word...

When Jayce moved to McKinley High, she wasn't expecting to meet the Glee club and Mr.Schuester, or Coach Beiste with her football team. Then she met Ryder, he changed everything, Jayce thought she was tough, but Ryder breaks through that bad-ass exterior to find a deeper, more sensetive interior, and with exams, Sectionals, and a possible romance, will Jayce cope??


2. Meeting Ryder Lynn

Rae's P.O.V:

I was hopelessly lost, I kept wandering around the halls, smelling like a warm dumper. I got there after about 10 minutes of aimless wandering, but when I walked into the class room, the teacher was in mid-sentence and everyone was staring at me...

"Hi, sorry I'm late Mr.....Schuester?" I needed to get my eyes seen to, at the back of the class, after another 15 minutes or so, I got passed a note, it was in a messy but cute style of handwriting:


Come to the locker room after class, Beiste is looking for some new players,

I'd like to see you there.

Try out, for me? xxx

I folded it up and slid it into my back pocket, I looked up but no-one was looking in my direction, so it must've been from someone outside this class, who gave it to a friend, to give it to me. Class ended and I ran straight out into the corridor, and into someone.. He was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

" Oh my God, I'm sorry, I didn't see you. Hey I'm Rae, nice to meet you." I held out my hand and he took it, I smiled awkwardly at the floor, he smiled back and spoke to me.

"Hey,  I'm Sam Evans, nice to meet you too. You going to the locker room?" He saw the note in my hand, taking a wild guess.

"Yeah, I was told to go and try out for the team, football that is!!! I'm kinda new here, could you show me the way??" and with that he took me to the locker room, to meet 'Beiste'. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I went along with it anyway!!!

"Hey, Coach Beiste? This is Rae, she was given a note telling her to try out.. So that's why she's here.." he stepped back as I took Coach's hand and shook it strongly, I could tell she liked me, but once more, I was being an idiot and making snap-judgements about people!!!

"What sport history do you have?" she seemed nice enough..

"I've been the Captain of the swimming team in my old school, I used to do kick-boxing, and I play ice-hockey..." I gave her a slightly fake smile, but I knew she believed me and trusted me enough to let me join...

"Go to Ryder, he'll kit you out." Did I just get on the team??? Was Beiste joking?? I didn't know, so I walked over to one of the locker rows, where Sam pointed him out; he was talking with another guy, probably the same age, year, height and both, might I add, were shirtless!!

"..Excuse me?? Hi! I'm Rae, Beiste told me you were the one I needed to see to get my kit?"

"Hey, I'm Ryder, this is Jake...Wait, you're on the team?? Since when?!" That's when it hit me, HE'S one of the douches that threw me in the dumpster this morning!!!!

" I've been on the team since you THREW ME IN THE DUMPSTER THIS MORNING!!!!!"

"That was you?!?!?!?!?!!?!?"

" Dude.. You threw her in the DUMPSTER?!?!?!?! Seriously??" Jake was staring at Ryder, who I was staring at with my death-glare!!!

" I'm SO SORRY... if I'd have known who you were, I seriously wouldn't have done that!!!""

"Yeah, well if anything, I REFUSE to play on the same team as you.. I should consider this to be where our paths split. See ya!!" and with that I stormed out of the locker room, and once more began to aimlessly wonder around the halls, until I came to a door labelled; Choir Room. I knocked and walked in, there was about 12-13 other students in the room, probably the same age as me and just as clueless as to what I was doing here..

"Hi, I got lost, Mr.Schue?? Is this the Glee Club??"

"Rae?? Come on in, are you here to audition?? You're always welcome in here, we rehearse at 12 till 1, then you return to next period." He smiled and stepped aside so I was in-front of the other students, I bit back the fear and introduced myself;

"Hi, I'm Rae, and I'll be singing Ready Or Not by Bridgett Mendler"


Hey-ey-ey (ooh)

I'm the kinda girl who doesn't say word,

who sits at the curb and waits for the world,

but I'm about to break out,

about to break out, I'm like a crook tonight,

I caught you starin' at me and I was thinking clearly,

now I'm like a bee and I'm huntin' for the honey,

and I'm kinda shy but you're super fly yeah

I could be your Kryptonite!!

Like oh, oh, oh,

Light ma heart up baby like a match stick,

and hit the gas quick!!

Ready or not, here I come, where you at the night is young,

in the crowd the music's loud but I will fiiind youu!!!!"

As the song came to an end everyone was clapping and cheering, I couldn't help but smile like crazy!!!!

As I took my seat the boy next to me moved over so I had enough room for my bag under the chair.. It was Jake.

"Is Ryder here??" I said not daring to look at him, he just looked at me and whispered back

"Not yet, he's really sorry about earlier, he wants to meet you in the auditorium later, go there, for my sake??" I gave him a playful push as the bell rang........

(A/N: Hey guys, what do you think so far??? I'm not that good at writing fan fictions, but I try, so if you don't like it, don't read it!! But seriously, no hate please??)








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