That One Word...

When Jayce moved to McKinley High, she wasn't expecting to meet the Glee club and Mr.Schuester, or Coach Beiste with her football team. Then she met Ryder, he changed everything, Jayce thought she was tough, but Ryder breaks through that bad-ass exterior to find a deeper, more sensetive interior, and with exams, Sectionals, and a possible romance, will Jayce cope??


1. Begining A New Life.

First Day At WMHS:

The June sun was shining high in the sky, which was bright blue and completely cloudless!! Rae however, was in a foul mood; she was starting at a new school, William McKinley High, Lima, Ohio. She hated life in general, but now, she starts at a new school great!!!

Rae's P.O.V:

I was walking up to the front doors of McKinley High, when several, strong pairs of hands grabbed my arms, I spun around to find it was a couple of jocks, and I was completely helpless... Yay!! Going dumpster-diving is my favourite thing to do when I'm fresh out of bed!!! So I tried being polite to start off, talking to the closest one, he had short/long hair, it was a dark brown, to match his eyes, he didn't look nasty, but then again, I was making snap-judgements....

"Hey, s'up guys??" I smiled and snaked my arms from under their grip, they were strong, but I was stronger!!

"Hey, we're the jocks of McKinley, we have a routine, the last thing we need is a new kid to mess it up, so we're introducing you to our routine... Welcome to McKinley!!!" and with that, they threw me into the dumpster!!!!! Uggghhhhh!!!! I HATE being new... I'm always so vulnerable. But the guy with the dark brown hair and eyes, smiled at me and walked off, like I was an amusing type of toy that did a back-flip and landed back on my feet

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