Can I Have Your Autograph?

Chelsea is a normal 17 year old. Her parents go away for a long time. When she is on her way home one day she sees someone, someone she hates Harry Styles. She is broke and has no money, she asks for a autograph will all he say be "here you go"?


18. I Thought You Were Over Me

  So I think Harry is a bit jealous. About me and Lou. I mean who wouldn't! It's his best friend besides Ed Sharon. Jenna Is staying tonight with Harry. Zayn and Perrie have lots of rooms so everyone even Paul. "So what are you naming the little one?" Jenny asked. "If its a girl, I met this girl on the beach and her name is Darcy so I'm naming it Darcy. If its a boy I really like the name Antony." "I like those names too!" We laughed.

  "I know we haven't talked in a while, Lou we need to talk." Harry said. "Sure mate." Then they went into the bedroom that Harry will be staying at. I heard yelling. Then Louis ran out. "Chel we need to go for a drive and talk." "Um okay?" I got up and we got into his car. "Harry is jealous. He still loves you he just wants you to be jealous. With Jenny!" " He's pretty stupid you know I love him I just keep cool."

  We went back in the house. Jenny was gone. "Um where's Jenny?" "I asked her to leave." "Why?" "We need to talk." "Harry. You broke my heart into a million pieces! I'm not going to talk to you!" I ran into my room. "Let me in please." "NO HARRY!" I said with tears going down my face. Then my phone rang.

  "Mom?!?!" "Yes it's me, me and your father-" " HE'S NOT MY DAD!!!" Mom was talking about Jim my step dad. "Well whatever we got home, you know what I see? A big house with black ash all over it!" "Mom I can explain!" I was balling. "I'll see you in a bit mom."

  "Harry come in please." "Okay I'm coming." He came in. "I'm sorry and I really miss you." "I miss you too. I'm sorry." I hugged him. "Let's make sure Darcy or Anthony have two parents." "Deal."

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