Can I Have Your Autograph?

Chelsea is a normal 17 year old. Her parents go away for a long time. When she is on her way home one day she sees someone, someone she hates Harry Styles. She is broke and has no money, she asks for a autograph will all he say be "here you go"?


32. hospital

  The drive to the hospital was terrible. "Ma'am he's alive." I was still crying my heart out. "I love you Lou." I whispered looking at his bloody body. I called Harry once we got to the hospital. "Harry come to the hospital it's Louis. You're best friend." He was talking to the other boys for a minute. "We are all on our way." They soon all arrived about 10 minutes later.

  I was crying on the bench when they got here. "What happened?" Harry said as he sat beside me. "A guy broke into my cousin's house. We all ran into a bedroom. Lou tried to save all of us." I laid my head in my hands. Niall rubbed my back. I laid my head on his shoulder.

  The doctor came out soon. "Louis Tomblison?" We all stood up. "He got shot in the hip area. But he's alive." "Thank you." I looked up in the sky I knew it was my uncle. Everyone looked at me. "May we see him?" "Of course." He showed us a room. It looks  like the one I had Louis Jr in.

  I walked over to his body. I kissed his forehead. I sat in the chair beside Lou.






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