Can I Have Your Autograph?

Chelsea is a normal 17 year old. Her parents go away for a long time. When she is on her way home one day she sees someone, someone she hates Harry Styles. She is broke and has no money, she asks for a autograph will all he say be "here you go"?


37. Blood

Once I got home I took a shower put some light makeup on and fixed my hair. Zayn soon yelled Paul's here. Right then I came out with dry hair. "What the f#&$?!?!?!?!" It was Kendal on top of Harry. OMG I just said f@$&!!! I'm a bad girl.... :D "Chelsea?" Why are you here?" "Um Louis is my boyfriend!!!" I looked at Harry he was wide eyed shocked. I ran into a room. It had a bathroom connected. I pulled out my pocket knife. "This is for being so stupid and having a baby at age 17." I cut a deep cut. Someone knocked. "Let me in don't do this!!!" "This is for having terrible friends!!" I cut a even deeper cut. "This is for all the shit that is my fault!!!" I cut a cut so deep and so long blood covered the floor. The door swinged open. It was Zayn. "Leave me alone Zayn!" "No!" He picked Me up off the floor. I was balling. He dragged me into the kitchen. Everyone looked at me. "F@$& YOU KENDAL!!!! YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!" Perrie ran over. "What the hell Chelsea?" Gem ran over. "They're deep." She looked at me. "Why Chelsea?" "KENDAL I HOPE YOU GET PREGNANT AND DIE DURING BIRTH!!!!" Kendal looked at me. "I WAS NEVER YOUR FRIEND!!!" "FINE BE A PREPPY BITCH!!!" "Stop!!" Harry yelled. "HARRY GO F@$& KENDAL." Harry looked at me worriedly. "Chelsea!!" It was Louis. He ran to me. "You're support to be in bed Lou." "I know I just heard you yelling. I was worried." Harry's Mum ran in. "Chelsea!!" "Why are you here Anna?" "Chelsea I came to talk to you." I got up. Told Lou to go lay down. Then put a rag on my wrist. Me and Anna walked into a room. "Yes?" "I want you to make Harry so jealous that he brakes up with Kendal. I don't like her."
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