Can I Have Your Autograph?

Chelsea is a normal 17 year old. Her parents go away for a long time. When she is on her way home one day she sees someone, someone she hates Harry Styles. She is broke and has no money, she asks for a autograph will all he say be "here you go"?


13. 14 Pain Is Gain

  Ever sense me and Harry slept together naked, my mood swings are acting weird. One minute I feel tired the next I feel like jumping off the walls. I called Perrie because I am NOT taking a pregnancy test by myself.

  "So you and Harry did it?" "Yeah but not like love love." I got it out of my drawer I don't want Harry to see it."Are you ready?" "Yeah I guess." Perrie stood outside my bathroom door. "PERRIE!!!!" "What are are you preg?" "YES I AM!!!" OMFG I can't believe something alive is inside of me.

  "Are you going to tell Harry?" "I don't think I have a choice. I mean I want him to know I just don't know how he will handle it. Will he take the anger out on me?" "Chel he loves you. You do know that all ya'll did was crate life.... right?"

  "I guess your right Per. I'm going to tell him..... Just not today..."

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