Can I Have Your Autograph?

Chelsea is a normal 17 year old. Her parents go away for a long time. When she is on her way home one day she sees someone, someone she hates Harry Styles. She is broke and has no money, she asks for a autograph will all he say be "here you go"?


10. 11 The Bar

  Harry was going to a bar with the guys. Perrie was coming over to hang with me. So is Gemma Harry's sister. I heard a knock on my door. "Come in!!" In came Perrie. Gemma came a couple minutes later.

  "Perrie I heard you and Zayn are hooked!!!" "Yes actually!!" Me and Gemma were so excited. We talked about wedding stuff. She said me and Gem were going to be brides maids!!! She said no best lady or any of that crap because she can't decide!! 

  "The boys aren't back yet...." Perrie said. "Do you think the are drunk?" Or can't get a taxi?" "There One Direction people will give up their taxi." "Do you think we should go get them?" "Yeah because if any girl messes with my Zayn..... BAD THINGS HAPPEN!!!" Perrie yelled.

  The bar looks like a pregnant bar. For every girl who wants to have it. "Um exuse me but I'm looking for Harry Zayn and Niall." "Nobody can get back there." The bartender said. "UM EXUSE YOU BUT I"M PERRIE EDWARDS AND ALMOST PERRIE MALIK!!!!!!" Perrie yelled I could tell she was mad as fury.

  "Oh I'm so sorry Mrs. Malik please come this way with your friends." She smiled nervously. "Thank you." Perrie said. When we got to their table they were all drunk. Harry had a girl on his lap they were making out.

  "HARRY I HATE YOU!!!" Then I ran off with Perrie chasing after me. Gemma watching the boys.

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