Are you a Witch?

She walks among humans thinking she is a human. But her whole world is changed when she finds about what she truly is.


1. The visit

I was suddenly awakened by my own imagination. Was it a dream or was it just a fragment of my own imagination. Droplets of sweat began to fall from the side of my forehead, but I forced myself to remember what I had just seen. I winced at the very thought of going back, but I had to see. I have to remember. Every dream is to be written that’s what I keep telling myself. But. Why. Why. Do they have to be so vivid to the touch, taste, smell, and pure fear? Fear to thinking that this would all is real.

I closed my eyes and laid my head on the pillow and began to trace back to that moment. I began to see everything like a movie. Usually, when I retrace my dreams I am just a spectator looking through a glass. The longer it takes me to go back to my dreams the blurry they become and the less clear they are.  But I saw myself clearly since it had just been a few minutes since the incident. I was lying as sleep in my bed, however I wasn’t alone next to me stood a figure. I couldn’t depict what it was human or something else? But I stood behind the figure seen myself asleep. The figure just stood there quietly like a predator observing its prey. 

I began to observe the figure and felt the hair in my arms rise. That is definitely not a good sign; my throat began to feel like I had not had water in a decade. Those are the consequences of going back. I continue on my own pursuit I moved from behind the figure to the front of my bed. I knew that I was not in danger because this is just a retrace. As I stood in the front of my tiny size bed, I mean my room is probably the size of a shoebox.  But why am I having this thoughts right know? Ugh this only happens when my sense of danger is to its max.

I saw myself trying to wake from a dream, no not just a dream a nightmare. As myself woke up and I lay they’re shaken, I turned to my side to find a person standing there.  The figure had become clear. A tall mysterious man with a chiseled sculpted body stood there. I saw myself asking a question; how did you get in to my room? He just snickered and looks at the other me and through me. I turned around and saw my mirror. Through the mirror he answers with a tone of pity. I don’t have much time; I have to tell you something very important he says now worried looking at the mirror. I am your husband in the future your life is in danger he says hurriedly. What did I do right to marry a person such as yourself? And why are you not wearing a shirt dios mio I saw myself answer, a mental slap came in my mind.

Andrea… please lets not get into this conversation he says as he crouches next to the bed and leans forward. I could see his face clearly now; beautiful olive eyes and dark brown no an abyss of black as hair. I was in a trace as a saw him and I took a glimpse at myself in the bed. Her eyes melted as she took a look at the man that stood beside her. I see him lean forward and….

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