Life Of A Mord Sith

Carleigh was only 8 when se was taken, along with many other little girls, tortured and 'trained' to become a Mord Sith. Does she survive? How will she spend the rest of her life afterwards?

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2. Taken

Carleigh's POV 

"Carleigh! Carlz wake up!" I felt my sister Mindy prod me roughly awake. 
"What? Its not even first light and I'm still tired." I replied angrily. 
"There's a kitten outside come on!" She answered excitedly. Together we rushed outside to the tiny black critter. I held it gently in my arms and kissed its pink wet nose softly. Suddenly I heard Mindy scream at me 
"Carleigh run!" She pointed behind me. I looked and saw 3 women dressed in rich red leather from head to toe with red rods in their hands. Mord Sith. I got up and tried to run but I felt 2 leather gloved hands grip my arms, I dropped the kitten and screamed as they started pulling me away. Mindy was crying and in a few minutes later my parents came out, my father with a bow and arrow which he shot at one of the women holding my arms. I watched in horror as she fell to the ground, her long plait splayed out behind her. 
"Dahlia, Triana." I heard a women with beautiful eyes bark out orders
"You know what to do." I saw 2 women grab their agiels and walk forward and in a matter of seconds I saw the life go out of my mother and sister. "No!" My father yelled as they pressed their agiels onto his neck, he screamed in agony then they knocked him out. 
"No Mindy, mother! Please get up." I yelled tears screaming down my face. The beautiful women bet down and was about to say something,
"Cara." She stopped and stood up.
"Triana?" She replied to the women with dark brown hair. 
" what do we do with him?" 
"Take him to the temple now we'll meet you there." They nodded and dragged his body away. 
"Please" I begged Cara
"Let me go, please." She smiled and bent down
"Oh no we can't let you go." She stroked my cheek with one hand
"Your family is dead, if we let you go you'd be dead too, do you want to die?" I shook my head.
"Then you must come with us." I nodded. Then took one last look at my sister and mother as they lead me away. 

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