Life Of A Mord Sith

Carleigh was only 8 when se was taken, along with many other little girls, tortured and 'trained' to become a Mord Sith. Does she survive? How will she spend the rest of her life afterwards?

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3. Death

A/N: so I decided to continue this after I looked and I had 60+ reads. I'll try to update every 2nd day. Please comment and tell me what you. Think, and like and favourite! xo

After a few minutes of the Mord Sith walking briskly and me having to half run to keep up with them, Cara suddenly turned and faced me; frightened I backed myself against a tree as she pressed her agiel onto my tear stained cheek. A scream ripped from my mouth. The pain was excruciating, I could barely breathe, the last thing I see before passing out is Cara's twinkling eyes and smirk.

Darken Rahl's POV What was taking those damn Mord Sith so long? The master of D'Hara and all the midlands didn't have time to wait around, I need new girls to train NOW, I started pacing in my chambers, nervous that perhaps my Mord Sith had failed their mission and had been killed when I heard footsteps as my most trusted soldier; General Egramont walked through bowing his head in respect. "Lord Rahl," he said. "Yes Egramont?" I looked at him. "The Mord Sith Cara and her companions have returned, finally." He replied. I allowed myself to smile slightly before addressing Egramont harshly. "Bring Cara here." I snapped. He fearfully rushed away. I say down, relief flooding through my veins. It wasn't long before I saw Cara come through my doors. She kneeled before me and spoke, "My lord, my sisters and I have captured 5 girls." She bowed her head waiting for a sign that she could rise. I made a small signal with my hand and she returned to her full height before continuing. "Would you like to see them?" She asked politely. By the nervousness on her face I could tell she knew what was coming. I stood up swiftly and said "I'll deal with you later." Then I walked smoothly out of my chambers with her following forlornly behind me. Carleigh's POV Here I was standing, in rags with 4 other girls that looked as scared as I was. Our hands were bound tightly behind us, so tightly that it hurt. We stood there for some minutes before a powerful looking man came into the room we were currently being held prisoner, I knew at once who he was, Lord Darken Rahl, I could feel the girl next to me quiver in fear, I gulped as his piercing blue eyes went down the line. He then proceeded to the first girl eying her up and down greedily with a look and disgust on his face, he turned to Cara who was behind him. "This one is useless!" He said slapping the girl so hard across the face that it knocked her over and set her crying out loud. He looked then looked at the rest of us, we all seemed to be up to his standards. I breathed a sigh of relief as he went back to the girl on the floor pulling her up roughly by her hair, she screamed in agony, he then pulled out a short, sharp looking dagger and said slowly, "Which one of you want the honour of killing her?" He smiled slyly, when no one volunteered he nodded to two of his Mord Sith who pressed their agiels hard onto her thigh. We all gasped in shock. When they finally stopped he spoke again, "You can either end her pain" he paused "Or watch her suffer." Before I knew what I was doing I moved forward and said "Um I will." He smiled at me and motioned for me to come closer. I tentatively walked forward until I was close enough to take the dagger from him, once I had it he pulled her hair back so her bare neck was open. I stepped forward and ignoring her shrieks I plunged the knife as hard as I could into her neck. Darken Rahl's POV I watched as the blood poured out of the little girls neck, she spluttered then fell out of my grasp, dead. The young girl who killed her seemed to be unfazed by the dark crimson blood, whilst two of the others passed out and the other went exceedingly pale. After that I order the girl holding the dagger to be taken to the training room and the others locked in a cell. I then deserted to my chambers to prepare for the training. A/N: so I don't have a lot of confidence for this story at the moment, so if you could comment, like, favourite it would be appreciated thanks! -Leah xo

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