Life Of A Mord Sith

Carleigh was only 8 when se was taken, along with many other little girls, tortured and 'trained' to become a Mord Sith. Does she survive? How will she spend the rest of her life afterwards?

This is my first movella so please comment:) xoxo


1. A/N

This is basically a story told from the point of a view of young girls who are taken from their village and tortured into becoming Mord Sith (for those of you don't know what that is basically they are women who have been tortured with an agiel, rather like a torture stick until they are 'broken' they are always taken when they are little girls mostly 8 or 9, they are manipulated into believing lies, when they are broken they are taught some dark magic and how to use it in service of their master Lord Rahl), the story also shows their journeys through their lives as Mord Sith 

I got the idea from the tv series and books Legend of the seeker/Sword of truth, so if you have watched it or read the books you should understand the Mord Sith if you haven't don't worry it's pretty much explained in the story so enjoy! 

A/N: Just to clarify pretty much the only characters I didn't make up were Cara, Dahlia and Triana (terry Goodkind owns them). I have also used Mord Sith from the tv show but given them different names so I'm not sure if that counts haha.

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