Welcome to your WILD SIDE

It's been two years since Mickey died, Drea hasn't been able to move one. Yet she still hold a good grip on the party-hard life style she's always lived. On a day that represents his and her birthday, she meets a guy who 'has eyes you can drown in'. Her friends say it's time to get back out there but she just isn't sure. This new stranger is just like her only love- Mickey. He's sweet, he's exotic, he's gorgeous, he can live up to the promises Mickey didn't get to keep. This wild, bad girl is everything he wants. The more she trusts this boy the more she falls for him, they search for the words and can't reach them. His secrets escape as someone who's hiding from his past of a troubled night he can't remember what happened except the rush of being on the run.
He clears his name, he's prepared for a good life, he wants Drea's hot model body, from her head to her toe beside him- even on top of him, but is shel to busy taking care of her inner tiger, he wont be able to tame her himself?


4. Too old for hugs?

We sat in silence for about an hour and then it was becoming dawn outside, so we packed up, returned our key to the front desk and left. 

    He took the backroad where, not really, anyone goes in Virginia Key, Miami, hell, most people don’t even know about it. Not because it’s bad, it’s not bad, but people think it’s too far from where they’re going. That’s why we love it, sometimes we’d just park on the side of the road, turn on the radio and just talk. People used to shoot off fireworks out there but then others found out and it got too crowded.When people stopped coming altogether, me and the gang started to come every spring break, holidays, even weekends sometimes, when ever were bored, pretty much.

Mickey turned on the radio, he scanned through every station then he stopped on an old song: Tim McGraw ‘Don’t Take The Girl’ - our song. I averted my eyes to his where he was smiling at my brown hair waving at him in the wind that came threw the cracked window. He always loved my hair cause it had natural, blonde highlights with auburn color tips, he said it looked edgy, which went along with my ‘bad attitude.’ 

He tried to sing along, but like most guys who grew up in a small farm town like me, he wasn’t all that bad but wasn’t actually singing material. I laughed at his attempt, and so did he. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hooked with mine. I let the music sink in my soul, reprogram in my mind, and chase it self in my heart.

I could see his tattoo, it said ‘DREA’ in cursive, on his inside right arm. He has another one of a fire breathing dragon with my name coming through the flame, on his lower back. 

He leaned in to kiss me, but before he could some jerks behind us started beeping their horn. We both turned around to see a familiar car. Mickey stuck his middle finger out at the diver behind us and yelled to him,  

“Screw you, Jake!”

Jake’s our best friend in the world. We’ve known him as long as me and Mickey have known each other. Jake went back to Foley, Alabama, which is me and Mickey and his hometown, he left for about two weeks to pick-up his little brother, Caden for his fifteenth birthday. Caden used to have a crush on me when he was five and got over it when he was about ten. Jake always made stupid jokes every time we kissed or said we loved each other.

 When we were all younger, Benny, who was 21, went up to Caden’s school and yelled at the principle because another kid was bullying him about his race and the school finally got right on it when he left.

“Pull over,” I said with a grin. He did as I told him. We climbed out and so did the driver behind us, I ran up to Jake and gave him a big bear hug.

“We missed you so much,” I exclaimed. I turned to see that cutie little brother of his. 

“You’re not too old for hugs, right?” I asked with a wide grin stretched over my face.

“Never!” I shared a hug with Caden and an extra one for Jake.

We all propped our selves up against my car, a old, but very nice, Ford Shelby GT500. While Mickey told them about my latest fight, and asked about their mom, he talked about the punks from last night, and then why we were at the dump anyway. 

After about an hour of joking, sweating, and just catching up like it’s been years since the last time we all spoke, we packed up and headed back to Mickey’s house. Nana always liked Jake, I guess because he was constantly fighting on Mickey’s side for the girls’. 

We pulled in the driveway and walked in, nana was excited to see them, as I suspected and then some. She set the table for another breakfast.

“If I had known, Tweety was bringing me a little present, I would have made more, I thought it was just me, Callie, and Emma this morning.” she said with her beautiful smile as she stirred her homemade batter for some delicious pancakes. She glanced over to Jake, “Did you get another tattoo?” She came closer.

“No, me and Drea got them when we were like fifteen,” 

He was indicating about the, one life..four fists, we both have on our wrists, it meant we fight for each other no matter what.

“No, the one under your thumb, right there,” she pointed right above the tattoo we share. It read: mommy, in a cute little font.

“Yeah, I got that last week, for my mom, she’s really sick. We may go back up there in a week or something. Drea, she was asking for you and Mickey.”     Our families have always been close, even on our death beds we are there for each other.

“We’ll think about it,” Mickey put his arm around me, “Let’s change the subject, for now.”

And just like that we did, we got cheerful quickly, for Caden’s sake. Nana went back to cooking, soon enough the food will be done and everyone will be fine, with her pancakes you never no what could happened.

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