Welcome to your WILD SIDE

It's been two years since Mickey died, Drea hasn't been able to move one. Yet she still hold a good grip on the party-hard life style she's always lived. On a day that represents his and her birthday, she meets a guy who 'has eyes you can drown in'. Her friends say it's time to get back out there but she just isn't sure. This new stranger is just like her only love- Mickey. He's sweet, he's exotic, he's gorgeous, he can live up to the promises Mickey didn't get to keep. This wild, bad girl is everything he wants. The more she trusts this boy the more she falls for him, they search for the words and can't reach them. His secrets escape as someone who's hiding from his past of a troubled night he can't remember what happened except the rush of being on the run.
He clears his name, he's prepared for a good life, he wants Drea's hot model body, from her head to her toe beside him- even on top of him, but is shel to busy taking care of her inner tiger, he wont be able to tame her himself?


5. Race Time..

“If there’s anything I’ve learned from you it’s how to cook!”  I said and winked at her, she just giggled a little and winked back. 

“I think the thing I missed the most, was nana’s cooking.” Caden smiled at her, I looked at him with a sarcastic sad face.

“Well then, I know who’s not getting a car for his birthday, too bad I can’t return it!” Mickey laughed at his own joke.

“Today’s my birthday. Did you get me a car?” he widened his eyes, and got serious. We all shrugged, knowing it was killing him.

“No, no, don’t play with me. Tell me!”

“No, we didn’t get you a car,” nana said, I saw the disappointment on his face and added, “Benny, got you a car.” 

We left the table and followed Mickey into the garage, where a new car sat with Ricco was standing against the hood, and Erick was in the back seat with Mandy. The windows were tinted so Caden didn’t see them inside until they jumped out and practically scared him to death. The only thing that brought him back, was when he realized what type of car it was: Ferrari 430 Scuderia. 

We talked a little more, then went back inside, ate a little breakfast, and it was time for a test drive. Caden, Jake, Mickey, and me climbed in,  while the boys’ and Mandy jumped in my car. We were all going back to the road where we just left, I looked at Mickey,

Race time?


Caden pulled away from the stop sign, and we got to our destination very quick. Mickey picked up his phone and called Ashley, my cousin who’s just a year younger than me. 

“Hey, get over here,” he paused  moment than put her on speaker when I mouthed to him, I need to tell her something.


“That backroad that turns off to route 32, the one where Daiya got in a fight last year,” Daiya’s, her little sister.


Calvin, got a new car, we’re all about to race,

Bring those bratty little sisters, you know the short girls who copped an attitude at your birthday party last year. I cant remember their names, just bring some people,

“Lisa and Margie? Fine I’ll be there in a bout ten minutes.

“Cool. We’ll be here!

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