Welcome to your WILD SIDE

It's been two years since Mickey died, Drea hasn't been able to move one. Yet she still hold a good grip on the party-hard life style she's always lived. On a day that represents his and her birthday, she meets a guy who 'has eyes you can drown in'. Her friends say it's time to get back out there but she just isn't sure. This new stranger is just like her only love- Mickey. He's sweet, he's exotic, he's gorgeous, he can live up to the promises Mickey didn't get to keep. This wild, bad girl is everything he wants. The more she trusts this boy the more she falls for him, they search for the words and can't reach them. His secrets escape as someone who's hiding from his past of a troubled night he can't remember what happened except the rush of being on the run.
He clears his name, he's prepared for a good life, he wants Drea's hot model body, from her head to her toe beside him- even on top of him, but is shel to busy taking care of her inner tiger, he wont be able to tame her himself?


7. Here's to never growing up!!

        After everyone congratulated Caden, we headed our separate ways with a plan to meet up later for a little get together to welcome our newest driver. 

“Hurry up, Ricco, it doesn’t matter what shirt you wear, you look pretty enough, forget the haters!” I joked with him as he hurried out the bathroom. I started to wonder why he was so obsessed with the way he looked tonight, he never cared what people thought. He knew he was on of the hottest bachelors in town, along with all the other guys in the gang. Mickey looked up at him with a fake glare in his eyes. 

“Wow, Cinderella, you look beautiful,” 

        Him, Mandy, and Calvin just laughed all at once, I wasn’t impressed though, i’ve heard every joke Mickey had, at least twice. He looked at me and frowned with goo goo eyes, and sure enough he got a giggle or two out of me.

        Even Ashley was ready before him and thats pretty sad, I mean she wasn’t a girly-girl but she definitely tried to make herself look flawless. 

“Good thing it’s saturday, or my evil stepsister would ruin it for me, huh Drea?” 

        I didn’t even know he was talking to me until I realized everyone was looking at me with a sarcastic smirk. 

“Ha-ha, sue me for being-”  Jake walked in and broke my reply before it could come out, he stood in the middle of the room and crossed his arms.

“What’s taking so long?” He looked around the living room with a stunned look, realizing it wasn’t Ashley.

“Sleeping Beauty, Is finally ready, thank god.” I looked at Ricco then back at Jake, we got up and exited to the car where we were gonna have to pack eight people inside. 

        Erick, my other stepbrother, was on a date for the first time in two years, since his fiancé/high school sweetheart cheated on him with his cousin, of course that didn’t help the problems our family already had. On top of that she died in an overdose a week later, thats pretty much his only baggage.

        I kinda felt bad because when she left, like right before she died, I had made the comment how her name is enough to tell you she’s a slut. I mean seriously, Lorie has been the number one whore name since, what, like ’93.


        We took curves as they shot up in the distance, heading to the Wild Zone, a bar my Uncle Tommy owned. 

I rolled down my back window and felt the cold brush against my face and drag my hair to the side. Mickey laid his head on my shoulder and looked up at me as I looked down at him. I loved the look in his eyes that told me he needs me, the touch of his hands that shows me he holds my heart for all eternity. It sends sparks dancing in my stomach. Our relationship is so easy. Though, two years ago we started to drift apart badly, but we made up for the time we lost though. 

        Soon enough we were pulling up at the bar and we can just drink to the beginning of summer, hang-overs can wait until the end of summer when we’ll be off to college. God knows how i’ll get kicked out in the first month. 

        Mickey lifted his weight off my shoulder and reached over my lap and opened the door. Jake and Caden climbed out as the rest of us did. I looked past the open door to see Ashley practically sitting on Ricco’s lap, I just laughed. 

“Come on, y'all. Hopefully Carson’s already here.” 

        We walked across the parking lot past the long line of people waiting to get past security. Usually we don’t ID  but when cops are prowling around like mountain lions, we have to. I mean if a fifteen year old comes in, yes we’ll get them out, but mostly nineteen and up can get past. If they’re drunk we will call a cab to pick them up. 

“Okay, Caden, no drinks for you.” Jake tossed around the gum in his mouth a little before spitting it at someone’s parked car. 

“I know. I’ll just shoot some pool or whatever.”


“ID please, Drea.” I pulled mine out and so did the other eight members did.

“Hey, Jonny, did Carson show yet?”

“No,” he turned to Caden and continued, “Happy birthday kiddo, no drinks though.” We laughed as he let us through the crimson red-windowless doors.

        Caden headed to the bar to talk to my uncle, Mickey followed the boys after he snatched a quick kiss. I walked with Ashely to the bathroom, regular routine for her: Primp, drink, pick-up, drop off. She has the perfect walk of shame the next morning. Just one of her many qualities. 

        We came out of the bathroom and the boys were throwing darts and playing pool, Mickey looked up taking another drag off his cigarette before putting out in the small ash tray next to his beer. He picked up his ringing phone and answered it. I didn’t bother to try to listen because I knew he’d tell me who it was and what they wanted. 

        Sitting up and walking to me, he hung up the phone and gave me a quick wet kiss.

“Where are you going?” I questioned him as I reached out to stop him by his arm. 

“I’ll call later.” 

        I simply nodded and crossed my arms, switching my glare from is stormy gray eyes to the door, where my eyes would be glued to all night. Where is he going, why did he just take-off like that, who was on the phone, what the hell did they even want? I smothered myself with the questions he left unanswered. That look in his eyes, was different, just like the one in the bathroom the other day. Something was wrong, I started to think but stopped suddenly when someone familiar walked through the door. It was an old buddy of Mickey’s, I never liked him he always broke girls’ hearts, and -well, he liked me. 

        I gave him a smug look as he walked closer to the pool table, that I sat on the corner of. Ashley was taking her shot when she saw him and bent over a little more to get his attention, and she did. 

“Hey Drea.” He said sarcastically like he could care if he ever saw me again.

“Mickey just left. He’ll be back later.”

“Who said I’m here for him?” he continued with a flirtatious glare in his eyes. 

“Well, the booze are over there,” I replied pointing at the stools next to the bar, turning my head to Ashely laughing at my sarcasm. She knew he was a jackass too.

“Oh come on. Do what you did that night at that party. You know what i’m talking about?” I did know what he meant, sadly. For a about month the last time me and Mickey broke up, I was so mad I went out and made an ass out of myself. I crashed a poor little freshman’s party.

“Drea! Drea, get down from there!” I looked down as my 9th grader cousin yelled to me. I was on the high dive starring down at the party. My auburn colored hair dripped at the tips.

“No! This is our party!!” I yelled down to her laughing, I lost my balance and fell in. I felt the vibration of the pool stop, meaning it was dead silence. I swam up with people asking me if i’m okay. I answered none of them, until I screamed the lyrics to Here’s to never growing up by Avril Lavigne. 

        A little bit later when I shaved their dog, someone had to go and call Mickey. He picked me up, I wouldn’t speak to him though, I just wasn’t ready. I shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat, crossing my arms, huffing and puffing. I felt him staring at me, so tried I loosened up and broke the ice. 

“You ruined my buzz,” It wasn’t what I was aiming for but it was close enough. “I wan to go to another party!” He sighed knowing he couldn’t change my mind. He took me to the WildZone -where I sat now. I hadn’t cheated or anything, neither did he but I wanted to piss him off.

        I drug myself onto the dance floor, he was so jealous of the other guys coming and asking me to dance. I eavesdropped in his thoughts, he was about to drop his ego kill those guys. I let go of my ego too but I wanted to have a few more minutes of victory.

         I swung my head left and right, each time stopping shortly then taking a sharp turn into the next angle. I felt my hair swing around, bouncing off my bare back hitting against my black bra and tank-top straps. I saw my self in slow motion, singing, dancing, laughing, joking, and drinking. 

        The lights flashed red to white, I felt like I was in a nightclub, with the dancing, the music, the drinks, my whole background. I loved the feeling -the rush it gave me to leave my inner troubles behind. I kept thinking, life in the fast lane.

        I let the music soar through my blood. I let the words coming out of my mouth jolt in my mind. I absorbed the beat as it shook my body. I let loose all my worries and threw my hands in the air, I swung my thighs against the air which was stolen from everybody’s lungs. I kept thinking, I’ll show him, tonight i’m gonna start a fire that no one can or will put out. 

    All my unanswered question died in the vibrating stage as I stomped around my heal boots clicking to the background. I looked through the corner of my sea green eyes to see he was mortified, enraged, aroused. He didn’t know what hit him, probably because he was still trying to shake it off. I walked over to him and said “I love you, Mickey Lopez,” He pulled me in closer “I love you more, Drea Miller.” 

        He leaned and put his soft lips to mine. That month I had craved to feel his warmth, his girly lips to mine, his muscles wrapped around me, I missed his deep voice catching my attention by calling my name in that special way he had. He was back but before that it was the worst month of my life. 

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