Welcome to your WILD SIDE

It's been two years since Mickey died, Drea hasn't been able to move one. Yet she still hold a good grip on the party-hard life style she's always lived. On a day that represents his and her birthday, she meets a guy who 'has eyes you can drown in'. Her friends say it's time to get back out there but she just isn't sure. This new stranger is just like her only love- Mickey. He's sweet, he's exotic, he's gorgeous, he can live up to the promises Mickey didn't get to keep. This wild, bad girl is everything he wants. The more she trusts this boy the more she falls for him, they search for the words and can't reach them. His secrets escape as someone who's hiding from his past of a troubled night he can't remember what happened except the rush of being on the run.
He clears his name, he's prepared for a good life, he wants Drea's hot model body, from her head to her toe beside him- even on top of him, but is shel to busy taking care of her inner tiger, he wont be able to tame her himself?


1. Good morning beautiful


        I rolled over, and cured the end of the beautiful quilt my grandmother had made me years before, then I absorbed the darkness my room held. I shut my eyes and went back to sleep, only to be awaken by my alarm clock buzzing in my ear like an angry bee. It plainly read 6:27am, in green robotic numbers. I suddenly got a text from someone so I rubbed my eyes and sat up. It was Mickey, my boyfriend, my light, my world, and my whole life. I held my phone tightly and read it to myself ‘good morning beautiful..’ I laughed and threw my sheets off to the side. I walked down to the bathroom where I made sure my eyeliner was still in tact, I was ready for the bus 15 minutes ago but fell asleep waiting. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. 

    The ride to school seemed so long, for some reason Mickey wasn’t on. When I got off at the high school I saw my friend who was waving and running in my direction, she was never ever hard to spot.

“Drea Miller, are you trying to dodge me?!” she yelled as she made her way through the large morning crowd.

“Carson Lives, no i’m not trying to dodge you,” “Have you seen Mickey?” I questioned when we were finally face-to-face.

“Umm no, usually he’s following you around like a lost pup!” she managed to say between laughs.

Ha ha,bite me. He’s better than the guys you go out with,” my come back slits through her, though she doesn’t take it personally, knowing it’s true.

“Yeah, I know what you mean-” she couldn’t finish, before her newest boyfriend  walked up in a very calm form.

“-he’s super great, I really like him.” she said acting like she didn’t realize he was right behind her.

“Hey babe, you wont believe what I heard,” Just like everyone Carson dates, right when they find out she’s what you’d call a slut, thats always the beginning of their ending. 

    Right before he could carry on, the homeroom bell rang, and everyone was scattering out of their crowds, and on their way to their classes.

Hmm, what a shame, well we gotta go to homeroom, bye my love,” she spat out in a nervous voice, then drug me in to the girls’ bathroom. When we were out of his hearing distance, she replied, “Saved by the bell, don’t you love it when you realize that happens in real life too, not just movies.” she laughed at her own joke, I giggled a little bit, ‘cause if I did maybe she wouldn't be so mad for what I had to say next.

“What are you doing?” I asked in a somewhat calm voice.

“What do you mean?” 

I gave her a look that meant ‘we both know what your doing, but i’m not sure why.

“Okay maybe I could slow down but you’re the one who always says you only live once!”  

Whatever, look, seriously I need to go find Mickey,

    I walked down the long hallway with Carson, continuing an incident that happened from the other night at a party. 

    Out of nowhere she elbowed in the shoulder, apparently trying to get my attention, so I averted my eyes in the direction she was looking at so seriously it nearly killed me. 

    It was a kid who got me expelled last year from the school bus, his eyes were wide and redden with tears. We looked at each other and then we stared back at him, her mouth dropped to the floor while I raised an eye-brow in disbelief. 

“Is that Don Housing?” she whispered in an obsessed voice.

“I think it is. That little girl is laughing at him. Dude, I heard his dad just died.” I answered.

“I know, I heard too, I didn’t believe it until now,”

We walked up beside Don, who was now balling his fist in rage.

“What’s going on here?” I said in a cruel but quiet tone.

The girl pointed at him, 

“Look at the cry baby,” She looked like ripe tomato and was about to pea her pants, I would have told her what else she looked like but then i’d get expelled on my own terms. I shot her a dirty look out of instinct, I guess. I tried to hold it back but couldn’t:

“Leave him alone! His dad just died, what does your dad do for a living?” I knew her answer right when it slipped through my teeth. My physic abilities come in hand in a lot of situations, before she spoke I thought of a way I could prove my point casually.

the bank on the corner 

“Regions, you know that bank on the corner,

Okay, what if someone came in with a gun and tried to rob the bank? What if your dad wanted to be the hero and died fighting for those people lives?I could tell I got her attention so I went on, 

“Exactly, thats what his dad did, he’s a police officer who died fighting for our city, the city of Miami,” I saw the disappointment on her face, not only because I called her out in front of all her friends, but because she realized what she was doing to Don.

I watched as she walked away, her head down in shame, with her girls following close behind. Then I got closer to Don and whispered in his ear, “Sorry to hear about Greg, your dad was a really good guy. I’ll try to stay off your tail.” 

Me and Carson began to walk away, but then heard my name being called from a distance behind us. It was Don 


 he said calmly. I didn’t reply but I looked over my shoulder to see him standing in the same place where I left him.  I gave him a quick smirk and a friendly wink which meant: ‘keep your head up kiddo!



I went to my homeroom class and looked to where me and Mickey have sat for the whole year, sure enough he wasn’t there, I bit my lip and edged past the other desks until I reached mine in the back. I sat down and kept looking at the door, but no sign of him. After a few minutes the morning announcements had come and gone and our homeroom teacher, Ms.Manney, had gone over up coming school events. Since it was the last week of school there was so much needed to get done.

    Right as I began to get worried Mickey casually walked through the door, in that special he had, that literally made girls sweat. He took his seat next to me, which reminded them he’s practically married.     Ms.Manney was giving out missed assignments that the other teachers gave to her homeroom so the students could finish, like she does everyday but today there was a lot. I sent Mickey a telepathic message, some witches can, like me, Mickey, and the rest of our group, thats mostly made up of guys. 

    We’re all top notch witches but I haven’t found another witch who has more powers than me, I have every power there is and I master all of them.

Where have you been?

The girls tried confusing me again, to get out of school. It bites they’re twins and you cant tell the difference between the two..

Well yeah other than the fact Callie has a birthmark on her bottom left palm, and Emma has a tiny blonde streak in her bangs..

    I realized he was looking at me so I gave him a quick sarcastic smile, which he always thought was too cute. He made his deep laugh which he knows is my weak spot, it just so bold and loud. A couple of girls who have crushes on him turned and smiled, but he acted like he didn’t even see. We looked at each other and then stared typing on our laptops.

Come on don’t feel bad, I’ve known you little sisters all their lives..

I know, I did too. I mean its not like I don’t pay attention to them, your closer to them because they look up to you and your powers. They love you and so do I. And sometimes I think I love you too much..

I love you more..

I stuck out my tongue as a sign of victory. 

    Ms.Manney got out of her chair and called Mickey outside with her, I didn’t want to message him, but if she comes in and he doesn’t then i’ll make a move. I sat silently while waiting for their return. Five minutes later they emerged from outside, she looked pleased but he looked mad, not angry but really mad or aggravated. I looked up, to see he had already made his way to me, and she was sitting at her laptop just typing away.

What happened out there

She lectured me about being late to class so many times, then said she’s gonna e-mail my grandmother


Yeah the funny thing is, she tried to scare me by saying ‘Next time it’ll be after school detention with me’

Holy crap we’re so scared

Don’t be bully.. I really am!

Soon enough the bell rang and we ran out laughing at his joke.

         Mrs.Manney was always really mean to every student she had, no one knew why, to tell the truth no one knew anything about her, other than she lived alone with eight cats. Whenever someone in the group is upset we just remind them how much of a freak she is.

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