Welcome to your WILD SIDE

It's been two years since Mickey died, Drea hasn't been able to move one. Yet she still hold a good grip on the party-hard life style she's always lived. On a day that represents his and her birthday, she meets a guy who 'has eyes you can drown in'. Her friends say it's time to get back out there but she just isn't sure. This new stranger is just like her only love- Mickey. He's sweet, he's exotic, he's gorgeous, he can live up to the promises Mickey didn't get to keep. This wild, bad girl is everything he wants. The more she trusts this boy the more she falls for him, they search for the words and can't reach them. His secrets escape as someone who's hiding from his past of a troubled night he can't remember what happened except the rush of being on the run.
He clears his name, he's prepared for a good life, he wants Drea's hot model body, from her head to her toe beside him- even on top of him, but is shel to busy taking care of her inner tiger, he wont be able to tame her himself?


6. First one back wins

     Ashley soon pulled up with a bout seven of her friends, surprisingly she fit them all in her tiny clown car. Only one of the little brats came along, Lisa, she drove her own car and I doubted it was because she couldn’t fit with the others, last year she lost a drift race to me at Ashley’s birthday party, I guess she just wanted to be mortified again.

“Hey, sorry it took so long,” they got out and gathered around Caden’s new prize. 

“This is gonna be good!” she yelled to me while I sat in Mickey’s lap on the hood of my vehicle.

“Hope so, but hey,  he’s just a stud.” I laughed.

“Be careful, you know when kids get a new car they get little carried a way, ” he whispered in my ear as he took his arm and tickled me, I kept laughing.

“Stop!” I said between gasps for air.

“What? I can’t hear, your laughing too loud,” He finally stopped and started laughing himself. I looked up at him, he smiled and I gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Let’s get this party started!” I got up, and walked over to Caden, 

“Okay little man, this is gonna be a clean race, so I don’t wreck you, you don’t try to wreck me.”

Drift race or Normal?”

Normal, it’s your first time.” We hugged and carried on.

“Good luck,”

“You too, make sure I don’t run ya’ too bad!”

    He let go and I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, we walked over to our other opponent, shook hands and then we took off to our cars, he pulled his next to Lisa’s and mine and revved the gas to it’s limit, but I saw past his road-rage and saw the fear on his face.     Apparently I was the only one who did. I knew he couldn’t send me a telepathic message, but I could send him one.


Look I see your scared, so i’ll take it easy, as long as you don’t take advantage of it...


    He looked over to my side of the road where I revved my engine like he did just before, he nodded his head, smiled, and then winked.

    Mandy walked in between our engines, and took off her shirt to where a baggy tank top was exposed,

“Go around the curve, then take a left into the old construction neighborhood, first one back here wins.” She let her shirt go free, flying in a rapid breeze and the game began. 

        I bolted out of there like lighting and so did he, we were head and tail with Lisa following close behind. I had to do something, this one was for Caden. I barely eased off my gas, and fell behind him, and before her, If I wasn’t gonna win she wasn’t gonna win..come on Caden! I remembered a trick Ricco did for me my first time on the track, The Sling Shot, I quickly started tailgating him, and dropped Lisa almost instantly. He took a quick, sharp left turn, as Mandy instructed. I thought it was a really good skill, I mean don’t get me wrong, it was but I realized he was trying to loose me,

What are you doing. I’m trying to help you!

Caden started taking it easy on the curves, and then came the real test. When Mandy said the old construction neighborhood, I don’t think he understood that the workers new finished.

        He ran over old sheetrock and slipped past port-a-potties missing them by a hair. I caught myself looking in the rearview mirror to see if we lost Lisa, she followed not that far behind. I eased off Caden’s tail, and he sped up. He started weaving when he couldn’t figure out to turn left, right, or keep going.

Go straight. Then a left and you’ll be right out..take the curve and we’ll be back to where we started. 

He quickly straighten the wheels, I sped up to warn him Lisa’s close, he acknowledged it and did the same. Soon enough unfinished homes started dying in the distance and a wide curve came to my attention, I slowed down to let him do his own thing, while I did mine. 


        We hitched the curve to a bunch of familiar faces cheering us on and then dead silence when they realized Caden was in front of me, then they chanted his name, we stopped a the crowd that was now in the middle of the old dirt road.

“He knows how to burn rubber,” I yelled over their muted voices.

        I got out and He did the same, everyone ran up to him congratulating him for being the first ever to beat me in just about anything. Mickey walked closer, and hugged me.


That was sweet, you did the right thing.


Yeah I know, when he gets used to being behind his very own wheels, i’ll teach him to race without my help

Nice job, Caden,I complimented again.

Jake whispered in my ear, 

“Why’d you do that? He has to learn,”

“Look, Benny did it for Ricco, he did it for Erick, and Erick did it for me, you, and Mickey. It’s only fair, we got a head start and so does he.” His eyed softened when he realized it was true.

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