My Bullysitters **Contest Entry**

Copyright © "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words really hurt me. Keeping quiet and fake smiles are my specialties. With all the pain you cause me I just want to say I'm done. And oh, congratulations, I guess this means you've won."
All I wanted was to be happy, but I guess that was too much to ask for...


26. Without You.

Katie's P.O.V


"What is this?" I grumbled, still slightly tired. I was laying on the floor in a very untidy room. I immediately stood up, unfamiliar with my surroundings. It then hit me that this was my room. But where's my bed, and my stereo system, and why in the world is my bathroom and closet bare?!

"Niall?!" I yelled, running down the stairs. "Niall, what happened to my room?!" I asked, entering the kitchen.

Niall was just sitting down at the island bar, having made only enough breakfast for one.

"Is this because of our argument?" I asked, walking over to him.

Still he acted as if I wasn't there.

"Look, I'm sorry for what I said. I know you didn't mean to hit me, but taking it out on my room isn't going to help us stand in the same boat." I stated as calmly as I could. "Ni, are you even listening to me?" I instantly screamed as my hand went through his shoulder, attempting to shake it to get him to notice my presence. "Niall?!" I screamed again, scared out of my mind.

I went to touch his hair, only to have my hand go straight through him again.

"Niall!" A whiny voice sounded.

Niall and I simultaneously looked up towards the kitchen entrance to see what I thought to be the biggest tramp I'd ever seen.

"What is it, Angel?" He asked, smiling at her.

"What songs am I singing tonight at daddy's restaurant?"

He chuckled before walking over to the fridge and pulling off a piece of paper.

"Here's the schedule." He grinned, handing her the paper.

"Thank you." She cooed, lightly pecking his cheek.

"Hey, Angel?" He said, stopping her mid way through the kitchen.

"Yes?" She questioned, batting her fake eyelashes at him.

"I was thinking, maybe I could play the guitar onstage with you while you sing tonight and maybe even do a duet with you. You know, just to change it up a bit." He smiled.

She walked over to him before sitting on his lap.

"You know I love you, right?" She asked.

"Of course, Angel."

"Then you want me to be honest, right?"

"Right." He nodded.

"Well, I kind of like having the stage empty, you know, to make it easier to move around on. And your guitar playing sounds so perfect behind the curtains. I just don't want to have to adjust so quickly. Maybe we can talk about it next week?" She asked, lightly massaging his shoulders.

"Oh, yeah. Ok." He said.

"No! Not ok!" I screamed, of course no one hearing me.

"Oh I just knew you'd understand." She smiled before kissing him a bit too passionately that it made me want to vomit.

Apparently Niall approved of her lips because after that, he lifted her up and took her up the stairs. I defiantly didn't want to go and make sure my assumptions were right on this one, so I just walked outside to go and find Harry.

As my hand went to knock on his door, no sound was made. After all the weirdness of this morning, I figured it was ok to just walk in. I then stopped as I saw Harry and his mum coming down the stairs.

"Good morning! I'm sorry for barging in like this but-"

"Harry, why don't you ever go out? All you ever do is sit up there in your room all day."

"Because I like it up there." He complained.

"Why don't you ever go out with your friends, or at least invite them over? You've not once introduced me to a single friend of yours." She said.

"Maybe some other time, mum." And with that he went back up the stairs.

"Everything ok, Mrs. Styles?" I asked.

I became a bit upset when she too ignored me.

"Am I in some kind of freak dream where no one notices me?" I asked.

When she didn't acknowledge my presence, I went to find Harry.

"Harry, everything ok?" I asked, walking into his room.

"Why can't she just understand that not everybody is good at making friends." He huffed out.

"Hey, you have me don't you?" I asked, setting my hand on his shoulder.

I then pulled back in horror as my hand had the same affect as it did with Niall.

"What the hell is going on?!" I screamed. "Harry?" I asked.

When he didn't respond I began crying my way out the door. I decided to go to one more house, just to make sure this was all actually happening.

"Liam!" I cried out as I burst through the door to his home. "Liam please tell me you-"

I stopped as I saw him sitting there on the couch, sick of seeing tramps over people I cared about. She was basically sucking his face off.

"Tracy." He spoke, gently moving her off of him.

"Why do you always do this." She huffed, annoyed with the fact he had stopped what they were doing.

"Look, I think it would just be best if we waited. That's all I'm trying to say." He replied, going to grab her hand.

"You know what? I don't know why I even bother with you. You're never going to man up." She said, standing up and heading to the door.

"Tracy." He said, following her.

"Look, I don't think it's working out, Liam." She said before quickly exiting the house.

Liam exhaled deeply as he returned to his spot on the couch.

"Liam?" I asked, already knowing he wouldn't respond.

I went and joined him on the couch, knowing full well he couldn't see me. I closed my eyes and began to cry to myself.

What have I done? Without me, Niall never stood up for his passion with music. I was never there to tell him how much potential he had.

Without me, Harry didn't have any friends. We never met on the playground that first day of school when he accidentally knocked me in the head with that red kick ball.

And without me, Liam never found a decent girl he could trust. I was wrong about him. I was wrong about everything.

"You see? You're worth more than you give yourself credit for." A soft voice spoke.

"Mum?" I asked in disbelief.

"You don't know how proud we are to call you our daughter. You need to believe in yourself more, sweetheart." My dad said.

"Dad?" I still wasn't believing this.

"Don't waste your life. No one controls it but you. Remember that." They said as they faded away.

"Wait! Come back!" I yelled.

"Mum, Dad." I said hoarsely.

My surroundings were then changed to what I found to be a hospital room, a familiar blonde boy hovering over my bed.


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