My Friend The Giant

James Andrews is a sixteen-year old short stuff, his only friend Tyler Branson moved away and he was alone. After being bullied and pushed to the ground and books dumped, James comes face to face with a very large man. Immediately, James snatched his bag from the man and ran, leaving his journal behind...I’m telling the story let me type.


1. Meet and Greet



“Give It BACK!!!!”

Small James Andrews jumped for his journal, as the school football team captain Alastair McBrock held it high. James was one of the people first on the list of bullies he was scheduled for the afternoon beating. It was just turning ten minute until it was time to go home, Alastair tossed the journal and  James swore when the book went flying into the girl’s bathroom, he swiftly walked toward it when the girl he had a crush on, Genisis, came out with the journal in hand. She stared at him with concern, “Look, James, you gotta take care of yourself.” She gave it back, and looked at the football team, who walked away from the scene. “If I try only I am the one to get in trouble. Bye!”

James ran down the hall, and out the front doors as the last school bell rang. He ran out the school gate and into the street only to stop at the little Citco around the corner of the house. It was starting to get dark outside and the only light source was the Citco, James was confident that he would make it home now. James always ran home since his old friend, Tyler Branson, left. Tyler was the only Jock who didn’t try to hurt him and he was the original team captain. Tyler had moved only a year ago and left James not as a friend, he broke up the friendship for the final game. The team began to torment James. When he stood up a hand grabbed him and pulled him, a familiar deep dumbed voice spoke, “Look whos we got!” James turned in a gasp and tumbled backwards falling into mucky water which skewered out of the trash bin. The overly confident jock lifted up his hand in a form of a fist Laughing to his heart. James bent his head to avoid trauma, but the punch never hit, the laughing stopped and James looked up and saw that they were gone, actually just running down the hill.

Had he been so scared that he hallucinated himself being bullied or did he punch someone so hard that they got scared and ran?James began to pick up his books and then a large shadow loomed over him. James looked behind him and saw a man as big as The Hulk. The large man picked up his journal and walked closer toward him, James panic and ran across the street, not looking back, all the way to his home. James ran into the house gasping and in a cold sweat. He looked around, not a sound was in the house, he walked in the kitchen and he saw a note on the table,

Dear Baby,

Me and your daddy had work to do, there is steak in the oven with a baked potato and we will see you in the morning.

P.S. Wash the dishes and clean your room.


James walked to the kitchen and grabbed his food then put it in the microwave so he could wash up and get dressed. He walked down the stairs in his boxers and a plaid shirt and was drying his hair, He went to his bag and searched desperately for his Journal. “Oh No!” James tossed his bag and tears flowed down his face, tears that only his father would beat him for. James’ father was a soldier of the military, Only God knows what happened then, but he came back unfun and scary. James’ Father, now, is the kind of man where you can only cry if someone dear to you is dead.

James wrote everything inside the Journal, poems, stories, and about his new life with his Father. He walked slowly to the kitchen and put his food inside the refrigerator, and slumped on the couch only to remember that the Giant man had his Journal. James thought to himself, “”I wonder if that man was a junky and if he stole it”’ James decided to just lay down, as he does for the bullies. “‘Tomorrow I’ll look for the guy and probably ask him for my stuff...if he hadn’t sold it.”’


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