My Friend The Giant

James Andrews is a sixteen-year old short stuff, his only friend Tyler Branson moved away and he was alone. After being bullied and pushed to the ground and books dumped, James comes face to face with a very large man. Immediately, James snatched his bag from the man and ran, leaving his journal behind...I’m telling the story let me type.


4. James' confrontation!

He picked up the note and it read:
Dear James,
Something came up at work and your father had to go to a reunion and we will both be late coming home. Your father is coming first so don’t eat his steak, the chicken is yours and please don’t get in trouble again.
James re-read the note and finally put it down, he couldn’t help the fact that his father was suffering from Shell-Shock. “He decided to go fight in Vietnam and leave his family”, James thought to himself as he prepared his meal. He had just took out when the front door open and closed, “Hello? Anyone?”
to his relief It was James’ Father, “Dad?”
His father’s dark brown face appeared from behind the wall, his eyes were on his face. James’ father was, named Jackson, tall and a bit muscular and his dark skin made it difficult for James to see his face in the dark room. His father turned on the light and walked to James and sighed, “James, where is your mother?”
James swallowed hard, “At Work, that is what she said.”
He licked his lips, “Boy, I saw you running here. Who are you running from?”
James bucked up the courage, “Somebody I can take when I’m ready.”
Jackson sat down and James took his plate to the living room, “Boy, you better not have a gun!”
James looked in the kitchen, waiting to see his father’s face. The face never showed up and James replied with a hint of regret, “After seeing what happen to you…,Never!”
James turned on the television and began to eat, when the doorbell rang. James stood up and regretted walking to the door, because when he opened it he saw Aaron. Aaron was with a big brawn guy, who was looking down at me, “Hey James.”
He stuttered, “Hey Aaron...w-why are you here?” 
The big brawn guy spoke, “We are here to see Sg. Jackson Andrews, He did give me this address so we could catch up.”
James could hear his dad’s chair scrape across the floor and he appeared in the kitchen doorway, “Let them in James.”
He opened the door wider to allow Aaron and his father in, James could see the frustration in Aaron’s face and prayed that he didn’t tell. James was sent back to the living room to his food while they spoke, James wasn’t sure whether to panic or give in. He could hear whispers between Aaron’s dad and his father, until Aaron’s whisper spoke out. To James’ dismay, Aaron didn’t tell about him being bullied but said that “James wasn’t very liked in the school.” 
There was a long silence before his father spoke, “My son was running home today...Who was he running from?”
James grinded his teeth as he listened to Aaron’s betrayal, true he had only met him today but it still hurt. James jumped as he heard his father bang something against the table, James put on his shoes and grabbed his coat. It was two choices for him, get beat by his father and not sit down for weeks or get killed by McBrock and his friends. James made an easy choice, getting killed by the bully, he had just ran out the door when his father called, “JAMES!!!!”
James had jumped clean out of the lawn and ran down the street, he heard his father’s voice behind him, “JAMES!!!!”
James had just made it to the Citco when he couldn’t hear his father’s voice anymore, He was breathing hard at the corner and began to run again. James ran until he got to McDonalds, and sat on the little bench to breath. Aaron told James’ father about something that didn’t involve him, and now James is in trouble until his mother got home. So James waited until 8:00pm to return home.

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