My Friend The Giant

James Andrews is a sixteen-year old short stuff, his only friend Tyler Branson moved away and he was alone. After being bullied and pushed to the ground and books dumped, James comes face to face with a very large man. Immediately, James snatched his bag from the man and ran, leaving his journal behind...I’m telling the story let me type.


2. Getting along

James walked cautiously to homeroom, to make sure he didn’t encounter any trouble. He walked in class silently,only to interrupt the introduction of a new student. James gasped and realized that the new student was the large man who had saved and scared him, “Mr. Andrews, take your seat NOW!” “Yes ma’am” James sat down and stared at what he thought was a grown man, the teacher said irritated, “Now, this is Aaron Carson he is from canada and he will be learning with you all...Make him feel comfortable or else you are in detention for the rest of the school year!” “Yes, Mrs. Comb!”

James stared as the large boy sat in the seat behind him, James swallowed and kept his eyes reverted to the front and watched as Mrs. Comb explained the world war 2. The boy gave James two heavy taps on the shoulder, he turned slowly and came face to face with his Journal, “Um, thanks.”

“Why did you run? I was trying to help you, but you ran.”

“Well, first of all I have never seen a kid your size in my life, and second I am always getting beat up by the guys bigger than me that I have a habit to run from even teachers. Sorry.”

    "I get that all the time, can you show me around? I need to find these classes ." he said with a smile. James felt like a small villager who was assisting a giant that asked kindly for his help. The class went well and the bell rang for the second class. Aaron gave his schedule to James. James laughed, “We have all the same classes. Next is GYM.” He gave a shudder and looked at Aaron. They walked quickly to the Annex building where gym class was being held. They were the last to get there and the gym instructor was explaining the class.

“We have a new student, one that actually good at heavy duty wear and tear.” Coach Russell yelled. He stepped over to Aaron and said, “Climb that rope and show these sissies how a real man does it.”

Aaron changed his clothes and grabbed the rope and within that one minute he started he was already at the top of the rope ringing the bell. James stared up at him in awe and watched him jump down from the ceiling. “You gotta teach me how to do that.”

Aaron smiled and looked at the couch, “Do you want me to teach this kid how to climb?”

“Heck! Teach him everything! He is the most useless student I have!”

“Okay, I’ll start now.”

He picked James up and carried him to the other side of the gym, “You look like you can do that stuff, you run fast.”

“I don’t want to get picked on for being small and strong and I have to be fast.”

“Well, you must really be afraid of those boys.” He said pointing at McBrock, who was climbing the rope next.

“Don’t point, and yes! They could kill me without them knowing! I guess if you hadn’t saved me I probably would have been beaten to death, why are you looking like that?”

Aaron’s teeth were showing and he was breathing hard and James took a step back, Aaron grabbed James by his arm and his eyes glaring. James was being carried to the locker room and put him down, he sighed, “I’m sorry, so how long have you been bullied like this?”

James was rubbing his arm when he answered, “A year after my ex-best friend left.”

“Why ex?”

“He beat me up after winning the home game. And he yelled, “You maybe small, but I don’t need any dead weight around.”

Aaron was looking down at James and put a hand on his shoulder, His knees buckled under the weight. James looked at him and said, “What are you-?”

“At home in Canada, We beat up the bullies.”

“Not here! Please don’t get in a fight for me!”

“Who will if I don’t”

James sighed and thought of something quick, “Well, we just met and you don’t know me like that...also I was planning on doing it but it is three against one. I have to do it right.”

Aaron shook his head and said, “Fine, until then my friend.”

Friend...James played with that word in his head. James never had a friend since Tyler, he was too shy to ask out Genisis and he trusted no one. James smiled for real for the first time in a year, Aaron grabbed James by his arm and dragged him out then the bell rang. “Coach, I might have to train him a little more.”

“Do you best with this kid.”

James and Aaron walked quickly to the next class, Biology.    


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