My Friend The Giant

James Andrews is a sixteen-year old short stuff, his only friend Tyler Branson moved away and he was alone. After being bullied and pushed to the ground and books dumped, James comes face to face with a very large man. Immediately, James snatched his bag from the man and ran, leaving his journal behind...I’m telling the story let me type.


3. Broken

In Biology, the teacher was Mr. Sain, but they called him insane, introduced Aaron and partnered him with James . Genesis was in the same class and she walked over to there table, "James, can I borrow your solution 4 ?"

"Um, sure...Genesis...Say, do"

"Yes James? "

"Never mind, here"

He gave here the solution, she took it looking disappointed. Aaron looked at James, who watched her go to her seat.

“You must like that girl?”

“Ever since kindergarten. I just can’t get the courage to ask her out.”

“Is she someone special?”

“Very....Anyway, we should just finish Dissecting this bullfrog.”

Aaron shrugged, “Okay...Hey James?”


“If I were to betray you...what would you do?”

“I don’t know...It wouldn’t be the first time so I guess it wouldn’t bother me too much.”

“Oh, what if I were dating the girl you like?”

James drop the chemical and stood up and was face to chest with Aaron, “I would tie you by your toes, hang you by a ceiling fan and probably watch you spin.”

He laughed and turned his attention to the frog.

The bell rang after finishing up, they walked to the last class, and his favorite...Art. Aaron sat in front of him and James could not see until he stood in his seat. The teacher Mr. Tisdale walked in and laughed at the position, “Our new student, Aaron, please sit behind Mr. Andrews. His head looks as though it is going to pop off.”

The class laughed and the two boys traded seats. James looked and tried very hard to pay attention to the lesson, but he knew Aaron was still angry with him. The bell rang and James walked alone to his locker, and made sure he put my journal in his  bag. He put his books away, except the ones he needed  for homework, and closed the locker. Someone had banged against the locker and against his secret prayer it was McBrock, “Well, Well, Well, little man came to play.”

They pushed James  against the locker and had McBrock had his arm at his throat, “We need to make up for last night.”

James was choking, “SS-Stop!”

His legs dangling as he lifted him up higher, McBrock was laughing as James’ face turned brown to blue. He could feel his stinking breath on his face, “Aww, little baby gonna cry?”

To James dismay, someone grabbed McBrock and tossed him out the door. He fell down to the ground while coughing up aspects of blood. He  looked up to see it was Aaron who was talking to McBrock, “You should pick on someone you own size!”

McBrock ran off leaving everyone dumbstruck, Aaron helped James up and looked at him. Aaron put a hand on his shoulder and said, “James, they could have killed you and you would have let them.”

“D-Don’t worry about it!” James said still gasping, his eyes watering up and he high sped it out of that area, he ran home to an empty house and a note.  

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