Dog Tag

In this alternate reality, werewolves live among us. Feared though they are, they are treated as normally as possible. Just one thing marks them out from others - a silver dog tag necklace. Every full moon, the wearers of the dog tags are rounded up and put in cells in the WereControl Headquarters.
Wisteria Lewin wakes up one morning wearing a tag that she cannot get off and has no idea how it got there................
*I've used the name Wisteria before, yeah I know, but it's such a lovely name that I couldn't resist using it again*


1. Prologue - The WereWolf Law

By the orders of the WereControl Headquarters

The WereWolf Law:

All WereWolves are hereby freed to live as law-abiding citizens amongst humans

Under the condition that they, from this day foreward, wear a Tag about their necks to identify themselves as WereWolves

And will come peacefully when taken to Headquarters every Full Moon to live out their "period of time" in a secure room

So as not to bring harm to other living beings


President J. DeFiore


WereWolf Representative, D. Hughes


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