There's No 'I' In Superhero

Batman and Superman put away all their previous arguments and come together as one. But will Batman trust Superman after he finds out who he really is and about his special relationship with Green Lantern?


1. Nice To Meet You

   Superman soared through the night sky as swiftly as a bird. He flew with complete ease and satisfaction, especially after having a date with destiny (aka Batman). There was nothing in the world that could bother him now, especially after Batman flirtatiously whispered in his ear, 'I love you'. He could only think about how Batman's suit fitted perfectly against every little curve in his toned body. There was something about black that suited Batman better than he himself did. Superman felt casually dressed in his uninteresting bore of a suit with his lame cape. He looked like a child when standing next to the handsome and tall mystery of a man. As he flew across Metropolis, he looked down at his red pants that were on top of skinny blue pants and thought of how ridiculous he looked and how he never should've agreed to wear what his birth father had given him a few years before. He was glad to have gotten rid of Lois Lane from his life; nearing the end of their relationship, she always brought up how stupid he looked and got into arguments with him for leaving his fake glasses around the house. Batman made him feel much better by always saying how beautiful he was in his eyes. 

  Superman began to actually focus on the current moment in time just before he nearly flew into a block of apartments. He swiveled to the side just in time to avoid the building, but flew into a green ball of light. For a few seconds, he was confused on his whereabouts; there was just an electric green light surrounding him, but it was holding him instead of letting him fall into the high street. A white figure appeared in Superman's focus and approached him. He looked down at Superman who had fallen against the bottom of the green force field and reached out his hand. Superman ignored the assistance of the mysterious man and helped himself up, and just as he got up, the green light disappeared and the other figure caught him just before he fell down.

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