Don't Forget To Remember Me

Chelsea has a brother and a sister whom she loves dearly. But then her mom sends her away and her life changes. She is the rebel kind of girl always looking for trouble and always seems to find it. But she is unpopular so to speak and is very insecure. What happens though when she's reunited with her best friend?

Read my story and find out.


2. Welcome Back


   (Still Chelsea's P.O.V)

 They called my plane and I boarded it. I sat in my seat which happened to be by the window, so I had a perfect view of the outside. 'Excuse me. Is this seat taken?' A cute guy asked. 'No, not at all.' I replied smiling. The guy sat down beside me and I got an even better look at him. He has shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The kind that a girl like me would fall for. I can't help it my weakness is guys with shaggy hair and blue eyes, that's just how I am, and I must say he did look hot. He stuck out his hand for me to shake. ' I'm Gage, and you are?' He asked. 'Chelsea, nice to meet you.' I replied smiling and shaking his hand. 'So, where are you headed?' Gage asked. ' I'm going back to my hometown in Ireland. I used to live there when I was younger, but then I moved to America when i was around 16. Now I'm going back.' I explained. 'Oh, may I ask why? Gage questioned with his curiosity getting the best of him. 'I don't really wanna talk about it.' I whispered looking down, my tears threatening to fall. I think he saw the state I was in. ' Its okay. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.' he said soothingly while rubbing my back. Oh, how I wish there really were guys like this. I thought to myself. 'Okay, let's change the subject. Where exactly is your hometown?' He asked cheerily. 'Mullingar.' I replied with a smile on my face. He looked surprised. 'And where exactly did you say you were staying?' He asked. 'Why do you ask?' I questioned. 'Just curious.' He replied. 'Well I'm going to live with my best friend's mom Maura.' I said. 'That's my mum.' Gage said. I never knew Niall had a brother. 'Are you Niall's brother?' I asked. 'Yea, I'm his adopted brother.' He replied. Oh, so she adopted. The rest of the plane ride was quiet. We landed and Maura was at the airport to greet us. 'Oh, I see you've met Gage.' Maura said. 'Yup.' I replied popping the 'p'. We loaded our bags into the car and headed off. We made it to the house. 'It hasn't changed since last time I was here.' I remarked. 'No, I guess it hasn't.' She chuckled. ' But anyways Welcome Back.' She said. Ahh, it was good to be back. 

But I should've known my happiness wasn't going to last long...... as soon as he walked in the door.....







Ok, so can you guys like get the word out about my new story I really want this one to be popular just like Forever Or Never. So I'm thinking though I should give my fans a name. Any ideas?

~Chelsea <3

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