Don't Forget To Remember Me

Chelsea has a brother and a sister whom she loves dearly. But then her mom sends her away and her life changes. She is the rebel kind of girl always looking for trouble and always seems to find it. But she is unpopular so to speak and is very insecure. What happens though when she's reunited with her best friend?

Read my story and find out.


1. Sent Away


       Chelsea's P.O.V 

     'Chelsea get up!' My mom yelled from downstairs. I reluctantly got out of bed and got dressed in a white lace sundress and white gladiators. I put my red hair up into a high ponytail and applied some natural looking makeup. Satisfied with my look, I walked downstairs to see Ronny and Brady eating breakfast. 'Morning.' I mumbled. 'Chelsea, we need to talk.' Mom said seriously. 'Can't I have breakfast first?' I whined. 'No, this is urgent.' My mom said sternly. 'Fine.' I huffed. Mom and I walked into the living room and sat down. 'Chelsea, I'm sorry but I'm sending you to live with Maura in Ireland.' I was in shock. She was sending me away? 'Your sending me away?' I asked confused. 'Yes, I can't handle you anymore.' Mom said looking down. 'Yea right. This all has to do with- your new boyfriend. He's the one that wants to send me away! It's nice to know you choose your boyfriend over me!' I yelled. I can't believe this. She's choosing her boyfriend over her own daughter. Then Ronny walked in looking confused. 'Mom, why is sissy crying?' She asked in her cute little baby voice. Oh, how I would miss her. I hated that I had to tell her why. ' I'm just going away for a while, that's all.' I said choking back tears but I instantly regretted it when I saw the look on her face. Ronny's little eyes started to water. 'Your going away?' She asked crying. I wanted to kill my mom for making me do this. 'Yes, but only for a little while.' Ronny then stared crying her eyes out. I went upstairs to pack before I ran out of tears. I couldn't handle seeing her cry. I finished packing and headed out hailing a cab. I gave the driver the directions and we were on our way to the airport. Mom was at least nice enough to get me a first class ticket. I sat and waited for my plane to be called. Then the reality of what was happening hit me. I was being sent away...

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