Unexpected Love!

This story is all about destiny. How destiny can make two people fall in love. There is this girl Disha who unexpectedly falls in love with someone whom she hates. Let's check out what actually happens with her! :)


2. Who's he?

~i am really really sorry i know i have updated it after many days but this wont happen again i promise....sorry once again------


i think i am in a hospital because as far as i can remember i was texting Ella and i saw a car running straight towards me and that guy in a white coat is my doctor who is talking to a guy i dont know. Or i think i know coz his face looks very familiar, its like i've seen him many times but i am not getting when and where. Interrupting my thoughts, the doctor came to me and asked,"are you feeling fine, honey?"  "um..ya, i am absolutely fine" i quickly answered. "thats very nice because we will be discharging you tonight. you have a little cramp in your right leg but dont worry it will die soon...and ya i've talked to Harry about all your appointments and medicines." he said and left the room. Harry? who's Harry????Oh he might be the guy who was talking to the doctor. "are you feeling alright?" i heard a voice and looked up to see who was speaking and saw the same guy who was speaking to the doctor. I've seen this guy many times but where i know i've seen him before where..where...where? oh yes he's Harry Styles from One Direction. yippee!!! Now i remember... but whats he doing here? "are you alright?" he asked again "oh...er...ya i am perfectly alright." i said being a little embarrassed " i know you might be thinking how handsome i am!" what!?  "no ac-" "i know... whoever sees me thinks the same thing, its fine" he said as he winked at me. what does he think of himself? "look i wasn't thinking this i was thinking something something else" i said a little defending myself i guess " i was just thinking what are you doing here?". "Oh...you know you met this accident..........and the car which hit you......that was mine!" he said while playing with his fingers and i was just starring at him with blank expression....ok its fine nevermind but he just kept on saying, "i know you might be thinking i dont know how to drive why should i be driving when i can have a driver and why shoul-" and blah blah blah blah blah he just kept on saying and saying and saying. Finally he stopped "excuse me?" he said with a confused expression maybe becoz he could tell by my face that i am not intrested in his such a long explanation "what?" i asked. "whats your name? I never asked."he said "well, my name is Disha."

"lovely name Disha, ok now i gotta go so i'll see you later, bye."he said and walked out of the door.


~i know its creepy but i was not getting something else to write actually its just a fill in sorry

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