Unexpected Love!

This story is all about destiny. How destiny can make two people fall in love. There is this girl Disha who unexpectedly falls in love with someone whom she hates. Let's check out what actually happens with her! :)


3. Finally!

Finally!!!!! i feel like a bird who has just escaped out of a cage, yes i have been discharged!!! i am free!!!! i spread out my arms like Kate Winslet  does when she is on the deck in Titanic and look up in the sky!! But.... a voice interrupts me, "Disha wha-...never mind listen, you will be staying with me for a couple of days until you are perfectly fine" Harry points  out at my cramped leg and i am like What? Why? "i dont wanna stay with you" i say a little harshly than i was planning to. "Look darling you have to stay with me because i have all your appointment dates and i know what what medicines you have to take and when so you have no choice but to stay with me!" he pouts a little as he says this "and besides dont you wanna stay with a guy as handsome and charming as me!" he winks at me. Why is he so over proud of himself i seriously dont like this guy. "okay listen..." i try to stay calm and speak in an understanding tone "you dont need to take any trouble i will be fine myself so why dont you tell me about my appointments and all the stuff!" but he seem to have ignored me and started walking towards his car with all my stuff. What the hell!!!!! i have no choice but to go with him! Oh God! i hate one direction, i hate him! why did you put me into all this!!! Arghhhh....!!!!!!

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