Unexpected Love!

This story is all about destiny. How destiny can make two people fall in love. There is this girl Disha who unexpectedly falls in love with someone whom she hates. Let's check out what actually happens with her! :)


1. A Terrible Beginning!

Disha's POV

Finally out of the whole crowd of crazy people! Don't they know that people can have serious problems due to constant pushing and banging and stampeding! Wherever these crazy fans see the boys of one direction, the just jump in front of them forgetting all about their businesses....but..... whatever i'm out of that bunch of crazy people but there is no use of me being out of those people my friend Ella is still stuck in there or should I say she's not stuck actually she herself is a directioner and i have to wait until she comes out. I mean this is not fair.

after 45 min....

Enough is enough! I am going out of here. I don't care if she's gonna go to the hotel alone. I don't wanna give this amazing trip to New York a terrible beginning. So, I was heading towards my hotel exploring the town of New York when i got a text from Ella-where are you?

sorry i left you my head was spinning there.You come to the hotel.


Well thanks to your one direction!

ok ok whatever i dont wanna here anything about them.-Ella

speaking of them, have the left?

Yeah, thats why i'm texting you!-Ella

I was about to answer to her text when i heard a the screeching sound of a horn. I looked up and found myself in the middle of the street and saw a car heading towards me and BHANG!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I opened my eyes n found myself in a white room full of equipments and then i turned my head and saw a curly hair guy with green eyes talkin to a person in white coat. What is this? Where am I? Who are they?




~sorry....guys if you didn't like it well its my first time i'll definitely improve myself and if you like it then please comment so that i can post the new chapter. :)



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