He's a badboy

Hazel is 18 years old and moves to Bradford with her mom and little brother because her mother got a new, better job. Across the street from her home is a pizza place, little does Hazel know, that the mysterious boy who works there is going to change her life..


8. Truth.

Hazel's P.O.V

Looking out the window from my bedroom I spotted Zayn making his way into Alejandro's Best, I brought up my phone looking at the clock, 6 PM. Grabbing my coat I rushed downstairs about to walk outside before I heard my mom say, "Where are you going?"

"To the drugstore." I joked knowing she'll get annoyed.

"Hazel." She said warning.

"Relax, just going to the pizza place across the street." I told her before walking outside.

Rushing over to Alejandro's Best I spotted Zayn cleaning the tables. The people in the restaurant looked at me. Some guys were whistling. Walking over to Zayn I tapped on his shoulder. He turned around looking at me dryly.

"What's going on Zayn? Why are you ignoring me, yet protecting me?" I whispered loudly.

"Why is it a big deal? You have a boyfriend, don't you?" He asked shrugging his shoulders.

I didn't reply, I just looked down as tears formed in my eyes, "Don't you?" He repeated lifting up my head with two fingers.

"Yeah but..." I said before he interrupted me, "Then I don't see why you're being all dramatic about me ignoring you."

"But the kiss.." I whispered taking a deep breath.

"It was just a bet, no feelings." He said starting to get a bit annoyed.

"But you told me.." I said before he again cut me off, "Forget about it Hazel. It didn't mean anything. It was a mistake, you have a boyfriend, I'm hooking girls. Just drop it."

I swallowed the lump that has formed in my throat, "It meant something.. For both of us, and you know it.." I whispered as I noticed a tear stream down my face.

Quickly I wiped it away before rushing outside. I walked back into my home, "Did you buy pizza?" I heard my mom ask as she walked into the hallway from the kitchen.

"Honey, what happened?" She asked walking towards me.

"Nothing." I lied as she hugged me tight.

"You don't need to tell me anything, sweetheart, just know that I'm here for you." She said kissing my forehead.

Honestly, that's the most comforting thing my mom has ever told me. And it felt nice to finally know she cared.


I woke up in the morning, Friday, tomorrow will Austin come. Not knowing I will break up with him. I sat up in bed and stretched letting out a moan. I did the usual morning routine.

As we sat in class waiting for Mrs. Gonzales I was talking with Julio and his girlfriend, I've just told them what happened yesterday.

"He thinks he's the tough chico, that nothing can hurt him. Just give him some time, he'll notice what you actually mean to him." Julio said patting my back.

"How do I know I'm not just one of his girls?" I asked.

"Then he would already have fucked you and left, chica." Clara replied.

Suddenly Alex walked up to us, he glanced over at Julio and Clara, "Get lost, pendejas." He told them.

"Leave her alone, por favor." Julio tried before Alex grabbed his shirt pulling him up towards his face.

"Usted puede cerrar la boca mientras yo tenga un poco de diversión con mi chica." Alex said through gritted teeths. 

I had no idea what he said, I only understood mi chica, and I'm not his girl. He let go of Julio and pushed him back.

"What are y'all looking at?" He shouted at the class who were paying attention to what just happened.

They turned around again, minding their own business. Alex sat down on my desk holding around my waist, "Why don't you come with me, señorita?" He smirked biting his lips.

"No, let go off me." I said moving away from his grip.

Alex grabbed my wrist holding really tight before dragging me out of the classroom, "Help!" I shouted before he slammed me against the wall, "Shut the fuck up or else you'll regret, bitch." He spat forcing me out of school. Walking over to the parking lot he pushed me up against a car, it was no one here. He took off my top, "Now where's your boyfriend to protect you?" He chuckled starting kissing my neck.

"Stop." I begged as a tear streamed down my face.

He pulled down my shorts and opened the zipper to his pants. I shut my eyes closed waiting for it all to be over, suddenly I heard a thump and some moaning. Opening my eyes I spotted Alex on the ground moaning in agony, I looked up and saw Zayn massaging his fist. Quickly I picked up my clothes covering myself.

"Don't cover yourself, it's not the first time I've seen a girl with no clothes on." He smirked placing his hands in his pocket, "No, by the way, put on your clothes, I want it to be a surprise when we get into bed." 

I rolled my eyes and put on my clothes. Running over to him I hugged him tight, "Thank you." I whispered burying my face into his neck.

"Yeah, no problem." He said dryly.

I backed a few steps, "Why are you being such an ass to me?" I asked.

"As I said, I'm always an ass." He said cocking an eyebrow.

Alex slowly stood up as Zayn grabbed his jacket pushing him against the same car, "You know, next time you're going to rape a girl, don't do it against my car." He said throwing him back down on the ground.


It's finally Saturday, I have no idea when Austin is coming. Walking downstairs I heard my mother shout from the kitchen, "Honey, can you please buy pizza from Alejandro's Best? I haven't been to the grocery store and it's no food in the fridge."

Walking into the kitchen she handed me some money, I put on my denim jacket before stepping outside. I walked over to the Alejandro's Best. Stepping inside I saw that Zayn worked by the cash register. I walked over to him, "Can I take your order?" He asked acting like we've never met.

"Can I have two pieces of today's special and one original?" I asked playing along.

"Anything to drink?" He asked as I brought out my wallet.

"One coke, one fanta and one sprite." I said taking out the money my mom gave me.

"£15.37." He said reaching out his hand towards me.

I gave him the money and receieved my food right away, "Have a nice day." He said, I just looked at him.

"Why are you giving me this judgy look?" He smirked knowing I'm pissed.

"Screw you." I spat before walking outside.

I was about to cross the road before I heard Zayn's voice from behind, "It doesn't affect me that you're mad at me baby, I just think it's cute."

I turned around, watching him bring up a cigarette from his pocket, lightning it up.

"Oh so it doesn't affect you either that I'll stop talking to you, pretending I've never met you?" I asked.

"When is your boyfriend coming?" He asked completely changing subject.

"I don't know." I said dryly as he walked towards me, taking a drag from his cigarette and puffing it out again.

"So it's not the perfect time to kiss you?" He smirked placing his cigarette between his lips.

I coughed by the disgusting smell, I really hate people that smokes. He took the cigarette between his fingers again before dropping it on the ground, stepping on it with the tip of his shoe.

"Why would you kiss me?" I asked.

"I haven't hooked up with a girl since that festival, babe. My man down there miss having some soft lips around him." He smirked pointing at his private area.

I rolled my eyes in disgust, "Then you can suck yourself. Sick bastard." I said about to walk away before he took my hand, not holding tight, but gently.

"Why are you taking life so seriously? I'm just joking. Now, let your lips have some fun with mine before your Romeo is coming." He said stroking my hand with his thumb, which made me get butterflies.

"I'm going to break up with Austin." I whispered as my eyes immediately got filled with tears.

"Why?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows at me.

"He cheated." I said as tears streamed down my face.

"Technically.. You did too." He said letting go of my hand and wiped away my tears.

"But obviously it didn't mean anything to any of us. He slept with the biggest bitch in my old school." I told him.

I heard honking from behind me, "Yo Hazel!" I quickly turned around, it was Austin, he was sitting in his car, with the window rolled down.

"Who the hell is that?" He asked glancing over at Zayn.

"He cheated huh?" I heard Zayn mumble.

"Zayn, don't." I said as he walked towards Austin.

Zayn opened the cardoor, grabbing Austin's jacket he threw him out of his car before kicking his stomach.

"What the fuck dude?" Austin spat quickly standing up.

He tried to punch, but Zayn bent down kneeing Austin straight in the balls. I ran over to them and pushed Zayn back.

"At least let me tell him why you're beating him up!" I told Zayn before bending down.

"I'm breaking up." I whispered to Austin.

"What? Why?" He moaned holding over his balls.

"You cheated, asshole." I said standing up straight.

I looked up at Zayn and nodded, he smiled before kicking Austin's face.

"Get lost white boy." Zayn said spitting on him before placing his arm around my shoulder walking with me outside my house.

"I don't get you, Zayn." I whispered as he furrowed his eyebrows at me.

"What do you mean?" He questioned.

"First you tell me you're falling for me, we kissed, you ignored me, yet you beated up the person who almost raped me and the person who cheated on me," I placed the bag with the pizza on the ground, "You told me I brought out your feelings, but still you just acted like we didn't knew eachother and you acted like a total ass!" I raised my voice.

"Keep talking, sooner or later you might say something interesting." He smirked placing his hands in his pockets.

"That's what I'm talking about! You just did me a favor by beating up my boyfriend and now just a couple of seconds later you're acting like an ass again! Maybe Julio was right, maybe this is just a plan to get into my pants." I yelled.

He placed his hand on my cheek, looking deeply into my eyes as he licked his lips, "You're so cute when you're mad." He chuckled as I pushed away his hand.

"Save it." I groaned picking up the food walking up the porch.

"Did you talk to Julio?" I heard him ask behind me.

Turning around to face him again I nodded in response. "Did he say anything about me?" Zayn asked.

"Yes, he told me you slept with his girlfriend." I told him.

"He told you that, yeah? I bet he left out that part where I did it for revenge, huh?" He asked.

"Revenge?" I asked.

"I didn't drop out of school, I got thrown out because he told the principal that I've done drugs, he placed a pocket knife in my bag and the teacher found it. I've never seen my mother so disappointed in me before, it broke my heart." He told me.

"I didn't knew.." I whispered.

"Of course you didn't." He said with a sarcastic laugh.

"But revenge doesn't solve anything, what he did was wrong but you both need to be a better person. And if you can't be, then I can't keep being with you." I told him before walking inside.

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