He's a badboy

Hazel is 18 years old and moves to Bradford with her mom and little brother because her mother got a new, better job. Across the street from her home is a pizza place, little does Hazel know, that the mysterious boy who works there is going to change her life..


1. Snowgirl.

Hazel's P.O.V

"So, how do you like our new home?" Mom asked dropping her bags on the floor as soon as she stepped inside.

"It's nice... I guess." I sighed looking around.

"Honey, are you still mad at me?" Mom asked placing her hand on my shoulder.

"No, I never was, it's just.. I won't be seeing Austin so often." I looked down on the floor.

"But you had a deal that you were going to visit eachother in the weekends?" 

"I know, but still, I'm starting on a whole new school, new people, new teachers, I'm not used to that. And have you seen this neighborhood? It looks like someone has bombarded it all." 

"You'll get used to it sweetheart, you'll meet new people. Everything will be alright." She smiled and kissed my forehead before opening her suitcase.

"Am I getting my own room now?" My little brother on 15 asked, starting to walk up the stairs.

"Sure hun." Mom said packing out.

I walked upstairs and opened a door, bathroom, I closed it before opening the next one, bedroom, but Jaden was already there.

"This is my room sis. Take the next one." He smirked throwing himself at his new bed.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes before shutting his door.

Moving on to the next door it was an even bigger bedroom, purple walls, walk-in closet and a queen bed. A smile grew on my face as I closed the door behind me. Throwing my bags on the floor I walked over to my new bed and sat down. At least my room is perfect.

I looked out of the huge window in my room, I kinda liked the view over the ghetto neighborhood. I saw that it was a pizza place just across the street. Bringing up my phone from my pocket I saw that I had one missed call from Austin. Swiping the screen I called him back up.

"Hey babe, how's the new house?" It was nice hearing his voice after a stressful two hours car trip where Jaden always asked if we were there yet.

"It's huge, and nice. I got the biggest room. But, I kinda miss home already." I sighed lying down on my bed.

"It'll be alright, I'll try to visit as much as I can." He said trying to calm me down.

"I'm starting on a new school Austin. And I guess the students there will be as ghetto as the neighborhood I'm living in now."

"They'll probably get used to seeing a white girl someday. Just relax babe. I'll be right by your side in a week." 

"I feel much better now Austin, thanks." I smiled.

"That's good, I'll text you later, bye." He said before I hung up.

It's been two hours, and I've finally packed out all my stuff. The walk-in closet is so awesome I've always wanted one of those. I jumped into bed, my phone vibrated as I brought it up.

Austin<3: Hey babe, u doin' fine?<3

Me: Yeah, just finished packing out. can't stop thinking 'bout u though :( <3

Austin<3: Me neither, u wanna talk dirty? ;) <3

Before I got to answer my door opened as mom stepped inside, "Wow, your room is incredible, I see you've finished with packing out." She sat down next to me as I sat up in bed.

"Can we talk?" She suddenly asked, I nodded confused before locking my phone placing it back in my pocket.

"I think, since you know, this neighborhood hasn't the nicest look. You should be careful when you're out." She told me placing her hand on my lap.

"I'm always careful mom, you know that." I said.

"But if the other student maybe effect you, and you get drunk or something, just be careful." 

"Don't you trust me, mom?" I asked annoyed as I pushed her hand off me.

"Of course, but you're a teenager and.." She said before I cut her off, "I'm a virgin and you know that, most of the people in my old school aren't. Just for once, believe that I can take care of myself."

I stood up grabbing my coat, "I'm taking a walk." I told her before rushing downstairs and out of the house.

The wind was chilly, it was dark but the streetlights lighted up the street. Walking down the porch to my house I hugged my coat to me before starting to walk. I had a couple of euro inside my pocket, I decided to go over to the pizza place called, 'Alejandro's Best.'

Jogging over to Alejandro's Best, I stepped inside, it wasn't much people, three or four who were eating. As I came into the pizza place everyone's head snapped towards me. I was the only white girl here. Awkwardly I walked over to the counter where a huge man with lots of beard worked.

"Hey, can I get one of your specials?" I asked shyly as I noticed a guy cleaning the floors in the kitchen, the guy glanced at me for just a second.

"You want something to drink too?" The man asked with an Italian accent.

"A diet coke please." I said giving him a friendly smile as he cocked an eyebrow at me.

"We have pepsi, fanta, sprite." He said as I coughed.

"I'll just have a pepsi then." I sighed.

"£7.42." He said with a serious face, reaching out his hand towards me.

I brought up the money I had in my pocket, "I only have £7." I told him hoping he would accept it.

"No money, no food." He said strict.

"I'll pay for her, Mario." I heard a dark British voice say behind him.

The man who apparently's named Mario turned around as I faced the guy who was wiping the floor. He gave Mario some money and glanced over at me.

"Thanks." I whispered furrowing my eyebrows at him.

He had beard, not much, but as guys usually have when they haven't shaved for like four days or something. His hair was up in a quiff with his sides shaved.

"Oh, it's nothing." He mumbled and continued cleaning the floor.

As I got my food I walked out of the pizza place, taking a bite from my piece of pizza I moaned by the good taste. Incredible. Tasted like heaven, you don't get pizza this good back in my hometown.

"Good huh? I bet the pizza's back in your white neighborhood doesn't taste like this." I turned around facing the mysterious guy who payed for my food. He had a smirk on his face as he leaned against the wall lighting up a cigarette.

"Excuse me?" I questioned placing the pizza back in the brown paper bag.

"Y'all rich snobs have never tasted a pizza this good." He said taking a drag from his cigarette before puffing it out.

"Why are you suddenly being an ass?" I asked annoyed.

"What do you mean by suddenly? I'm always an ass." He smirked stepping closer with his cigarette between his fingers.

"You weren't an ass when you paid for my food." I told him as he stood right in front of me.

"Maybe I was doing it to get into your pants?" He smirked placing the cigarette between his lips and took a drag.

I rolled my eyes in disgust before taking a step back, "I have a boyfriend." 

"Oh, is this the part where I was supposed to care?" He said dropping his cigarette on the ground before stepping on it.

"Asshole." I mumbled about to walk away before he grabbed my wrist. I dropped my food on the ground as he dragged me up close to him.

"Watch your mouth, snowgirl, I have a short temper." He whispered looking down at my lips. I could smell the disgusting smell from his cigarette.

"Don't call me snowgirl," I told him pulling my hand back, "I have a name."

"And what's that?" He smirked placing his hands in his leather jacket pockets.

"Hazel," I said as he licked his lips.

"Well, Hazel, since you don't know me, I suggest that you keep the little mouth of yours shut before I do it." He spoke before my phone suddenly started to ring.

Bringing it up from my pocket I checked the ID. It was Austin.

"Who's Austin?" He smirked reading from my phone.

Not replying his question I picked up, "Hey."

"Babe, you didn't answer my text, did I make you feel uncomfortable?" He asked as I looked up at the mysterious guy who were passionately looking deeply into my soul.

"No, my mom walked into my room, and we had a little fight." I told him trying to move a little away from the guy, but he was following me.

"I see, call me if you need anything, bye." He said.

"Bye," I said and hung up.

"You know, I have a short temper myself, so can you please stop following me when I'm talking on my phone with my boyfriend and go fuck yourself instead." I asked annoyed crossing my arms over my chest.

"Listen up, snowgirl," He said through gritted teeths as he grabbed my arm holding tight, "You don't know this neighborhood or me. I don't know if you're used to talking like this to the other white people at your former school, but I'm warning you. Do not do it here." I noticed that our faces was inches away from eachother.

He let go of my arm, taking a few steps back, giving me a warning glance before turning around walking back into the pizza place.

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