He's a badboy

Hazel is 18 years old and moves to Bradford with her mom and little brother because her mother got a new, better job. Across the street from her home is a pizza place, little does Hazel know, that the mysterious boy who works there is going to change her life..


2. First day.

Hazel's P.O.V

It's Monday, first day of school. I woke up around seven AM. Walking down to the kitchen my mom was already there making breakfast. 

"Goodmorning sunshine." Mom smiled placing a plate of pancakes on the kitchen table.

I didn't reply, still mad from last night. I dropped myself on the chair and started to eat.

"I made your favorite." She said sitting down opposite of me.

Again, I didn't reply, I didn't even look at her, "Honey, please don't be mad at me, I'm sorry and I trust you."

"That's what you're saying every time mom, Sorry this, sorry that. Just stop, stop apologize if you're going to do the same again." I said dropping my fork on the table.

"Hazel, I'm tired of you getting mad at me all the time pl..." She said before I stood up making my chair fall down.

"Have you ever thought that I wouldn't get mad at you all the time if you stopped acting like a total bitch?" I yelled as she buried her face into her hands.

"Don't speak to me like that." She sighed.

"Why? Because I'm hurting you? Don't you think you hurt me when you say that you don't trust me? I'm tired of having these fucking conversations mom!" I yelled, mom looked up, her eyes were filled with tears, but she didn't look at me, she stared behind me.

Turning around I spotted Jaden, he was already dressed up in some worn jeans and oversized t-shirt, with his hair up in a quiff. I rolled my eyes before walking past him and out of the kitchen. Walking back up to my room I changed into some blue shorts, tight pink top and a denim jacket. I brushed my hair and curled it with my curler iron. My phone rang, standing up from the floor I walked over to the nightstand and picked up my phone, it was Austin.

"Morning beautiful." He said as a smile grew on my face.

"Morning handsome." I smiled fondling with my hair.

"I'm feeling a bit down, why don't you make my morning a little better by talking a little dirty to me." He mumbled in a husky dark voice.

I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly, I'm a virgin, I've never had sex in any ways, not phone sex, sexting or real sex. Neither have Austin. But the thing about Austin is that he hasn't told me he love me since the first day we got together which was a year ago.

"Austin?" I sighed.

"I know, I know, you're not ready." He mumbled.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, it's okay babe."

"I need to go, bye."

"Bye, good luck on your first day." 

"Thank you." I said and hung up.

I placed my phone in my pocket and walked over to my makeup table. I put on my make up, I didn't use much, just mascara, eyeliner and bronzer. After putting on my makeup I picked up my bag and walked downstairs.

"Good luck on your first day of school." I heard Jaden shout from the kitchen as I opened the front door.

"You too!"I shouted back and left the house.

I spotted the mysterious guy outside the Alejandro's Best smoking. He glanced over at me and greeted by bringing up his middle and index fingers at his forehead then flicking it towards me in a saluting matter. I just ignored it, and started to walk up the street.

"The school is the other way snowgirl." I heard him shout.

I turned around annoyed and gave him a warning look before walking the other way, "You're welcome." He shouted, I rolled my eyes at him.


As I arrived school, all I could see was people smoking, making out and fight. I got a huge twist in my stomach before taking a deep breath and walking inside. Everyone in the hallway was looking at me like I've just murdered someone. Awkwardly I rushed into my classroom, people were sitting on the table with their feets on the chair. It was so loud, I was the only one who were completely white in this school. I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder, I jumped and turned around to face a tall woman with glasses.

"You must be our new student." She said with a calming smile.

"Yes, I'm Hazel Jackson." I smiled reaching out my hand.

"Mrs. Gonzales." She said shaking my hand.

She turned to face the class and shouted, "Find your seats class, and let me present our new girl."

"Ew, a snowgirl." I heard someone whisper as I got chills down my back.

"This is Hazel Jackson, why don't you tell them something about yourself." Mrs. Gonzales smiled as I looked over at the class.

None of them was giving me a nice look, "Hi, I'm Hazel Jackson and... Uhm. I recently moved here from Leicester because my mom got a new better job." I said.

"Enough about that, how good are you in bed?" A guy sitting in the back of the class asked as my eyes widened.

"Alex, behave!" Mrs. Gonzales said, "Hazel, just find an empty seat and we'll start." She told me as I looked around. 

And the only empty seat I saw was the desk in front of Alex'. Walking over to the desk I dropped my Louis Vitton bag on the floor next to my chair before sitting down.

"So, princess, how about you and I get some after school?" I heard Alex whisper as my whole body froze.

Turning around my eyes glanced at him up and down. His rough style, brown sex hair, facial hair, "I'd rather jump down from a bridge." I said giving him a fake smile before facing the teacher again.

"You're being a smartass huh? Good luck with that, snowgirl, you have no idea who you're talking to." 

"I'm pretty sure I'm talking to an asshole who thinks he can get laid."

"You're dead, snowgirl." He whispered, I got chills down my back.

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