He's a badboy

Hazel is 18 years old and moves to Bradford with her mom and little brother because her mother got a new, better job. Across the street from her home is a pizza place, little does Hazel know, that the mysterious boy who works there is going to change her life..


3. Alex.

Hazel's P.O.V

On my way home it was a big foggy outside, kinda creepy when it's in this neighborhood. As I was walking I suddenly heard some footsteps behind me, I didn't dare to look, I just walked faster, and so did the person behind me. When I was about to run someone grabbed my arms slamming me against the nearest wall. I opened my eyes and saw Alex, he leaned his body on mine not letting go of my arms.

"Now that we're alone, snowgirl, tell me what you told me in the classroom." He smirked as I could smell the cigarette he's been smoking.

"Leave me alone." I whispered looking away from him.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you." He shouted shaking me.

I slowly looked up at him, my breath was shivering just as much as my body. He licked his lips while looking down on mine, "Are you a virgin?" He breathe as my eyes shut open.

I tried to pull myself off him but he was too strong, "Let me go!" I yelled and slapped his face regretting it right away.

"You shouldn't have done that." He said before grabbing my throat, tears streamed down my face.

I struggled to breathe as suddenly his lips attached to mine, his tongue tried to enter but I refused until his grip on my throat tightened. I opened my mouth for air as his tongue slide into my mouth. I tried to push him back, I was so scared. Suddenly he got pulled off me and fell down on the ground. I slowly opened my eyes, it was blurry from all the tears. All I could see was a figure kicking Alex in the stomach. Rubbing my eyes I finally saw who the hero was... The mystery guy working in the pizza place.

Alex stood up from the ground, groaning he looked up at the mystery guy.

"Oh, isn't it the famous..." He said before he got interrupted by a dark British accent.

"Fuck off, Alex." He spat taking a step closer to Alex.

"Calm down man, why are you defending a snowgirl?" He asked aggressively.

"Just fuck off." He repeated pushing him back.

Alex glanced at me with an ugly look before walking away, "Thanks.." I whispered stroking my arm.

"No problem," He said and picked up my bag as we started to walk down the street.

"You shouldn't be going to school with a bag like this." He told me handing me my bag.

"Yeah, I figured." I said with a little chuckle.

"Do you know Alex?" I asked.

"Yeah, we used to hang out before I dropped out of school." He told me.

"Why did you drop out?" 

"School is just filled with bitches and assholes." He said as we reached my home.

"How come you not have an Italian accent?" I asked as he cocked an eyebrow at me.

"I'm not Italian." He smirked placing his hand in his pockets with his thumbs peeking out.

"You're not?" I asked.

"No, I'm from Pakistan and England." 

"Oh.. Sorry," 

"Don't apologize. Can I ask you something?" He asked running his fingers through his hair.


"Tomorrow it'll be a festival just a couple of minutes away, you wanna join me?" 

"Why do you want me to join you?"

"Yes or no?" He asked bringing out a cigarette from his pockets.

"I'd love to." I smiled as he lighted up his cigarette.

"I'll pick you up at six PM." He said taking a drag before puffing it out.

"Uhh.." I hesitated looking over my shoulder before facing him again, "Why don't I come to your place, just give me your address." I told him.

"Or, we can meet outside Alejandro's Best." He brought up his phone and handed me it, "Save your number on my phone." He told me, I did as he said before handing him back his phone, I handed him my phone as he saved his number as 'Mystery guy'

"Really? You won't tell me your name?" I asked cocking an eyebrow at him.

"Not yet, I enjoy being the mystery guy." He winked with a smirk on his face.

"Thanks again." I said taking a few steps back.

"See you later." He said before jogging over to Alejandro's best.

I walked into my house, "How was first day of school?" Mom asked from the livingroom.

"Got stared at like I've killed a puppy, being called snowgirl and a guy almost raped me, how do you think it was?" I cocked dropping my bag on the floor.

"Did you tell the teacher?" She asked walking over to me.

"I really don't wanna be that girl, mom." I rolled my eyes at her.

"But I can be that mom." She told me.

"Just stop mom, I can handle it." I said before walking upstairs.

I opened Jaden's door, he was lying on his bed with his computer, "Hold on Skylar, my sister just entered." He said shutting his computer.

He was probably skyping with his crush, Skylar. He's been in love with her in almost three years now, they're best friends but he doesn't have the guts to tell her how he feels.

"How was your first day?" I asked leaning against the wall.

"Met a guy named Pablo and his gang, he's one of the popular guys in school. They thought it was cool that I was the only white dude in the school." He smiled.

"Pablo and his gang?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

"Not a gang like killing people, but Pablo is the leader of his group of friends." He told me.

"Oh, how is he?" I asked.

"He's cool, but everyone in that group smokes, and does drugs." He sighed.

"I don't want you to get effected by them." I said as he sighed loud.

"You sounds just like mom." 

"I know, but that's because I care about you Jaden. Be careful."

"Maybe that's why mom tells you to be careful, because she cares about you."

"Well, I'm old enough to take care of myself, think about Skylar, would she like if you started with drugs?" I asked.

"I won't, relax." He told me.

I walked into my bedroom and took off my jacket hanging it on my chair. I took off my top as suddenly my phone vibrated, bringing it up from my pocket I saw that I've got a text.

Mystery guy: I love the show u're giving me ;)

My eyes widened as my head snapped towards the window. I spotted the mystery guy looking at me from the pizza place. I flipped my finger at him before closing the curtains.

Me: Stop stalking me u fool.

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