Battle Scars

Heather has a past that has damaged her for life. She shuts everyone out and trusts no one. Then she meets Liam.


5. The boys

When we arrived at Niall's flat, I heard a lot of shouting coming from inside. Niall gave me an apologetic look. "Sorry," he said.  You'll have to excuse the noise, the boys are over."

He opened the door and I followed him inside. He lead me into the living room where three other boys were sat around watching an intense game of football. Their eyes were glued to the t.v screen. Niall rolled his eyes. "Would you lot please turn that off, we have a guest." All three of them looked up at the same time with confused looks. When they saw me they smiled. "Hi," said one, he had some pretty amazing curls. He got up and came to shake my hand. "I'm Harry."

"And I'm Louis and that's Zayn," replied one of the other boys in a Doncaster accent. The other boy smiled. " Hi, I'm Zayn, as Louis has just told you," he said. "Take a seat," he offered, pointing to the sofa. I accepted and sat down."Are you hungry, I'll go get some food," said Niall. This time the other boys rolled their eyes. "Honestly you're always hungry, Niall," Harry told him. Niall gave him a 'whatever' shrug and wandered into the kitchen. Minutes later, he came back carrying a load of food. Just as he was putting it down on the coffee table, there was a knock on the door and he went to answer it. The person he let in was apologizing. " Sorry I'm late, honestly I'm so sorry." Wait a second. I recognized that voice. My head spun around just as they entered the living room. Niall was talking to Liam.

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