Battle Scars

Heather has a past that has damaged her for life. She shuts everyone out and trusts no one. Then she meets Liam.


6. Second meeting

When Liam saw me, he looked shocked and confused at the same time. "What are you doing here?" he asked me. Niall began to speak. " Liam, this is..."

"Heather," he interrupted. I blushed a little. He remembered my name. Niall looked totally confused. "You two know each other?" he questioned. Liam nodded. "We met today at the library, what are you doing here?" I didn't really know what to tell him so Niall spoke for me. " I quite literally ran into her on the street and she was lost so I brought home with me," he  explained. Liam looked concerned. "Are you OK now?" he asked me, his eyes full of worry. "I'm fine now, thanks," I told him and that seemed to make him happy. "Come on, I'll take you up to the spare room," said Harry. I stood up and he began to lead me upstairs. I waved goodnight to everyone and followed Harry upstairs. He showed me to the spare room. "Thank you," I said. "No problem" he replied. "Sweet dreams," he smiled.

I was so tired I got straight into the single bed. I fell asleep straight away.

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