Battle Scars

Heather has a past that has damaged her for life. She shuts everyone out and trusts no one. Then she meets Liam.


3. Liam

I hurried across the street towards the library where I worked part time. The staff there were so lovely to me but I shut them all out. It was easier that way.

I rushed inside and hurried up to the front desk where my boss, Julie was sat. When she saw me, she gave me a warm smile. "So sorry I'm late, Julie," I blurted out, still out of breath from running over here. She waved her hand at me. "Don't worry about it," she replied. "It's pretty quiet here today anyway." I looked around. She was right. There were only about 4 or 5 people stood around. I took a seat behind the desk and logged onto the computer in front of me. I was just waiting for it to load when someone walked up to the desk. "Hi, can I help you?" I asked, my eyes still glued to the computer screen. " Yeah, I think you can," the person replied. "Do you have any books on civil wars?" My eyes shot up from the computer at the mention of that word. The person turned out to be a boy      about my age who flashed me a gorgeous smile. He was pretty gorgeous. I shook my head, bringing me back to reality. "Um, yeah we do, there just over there," I said pointing my finger in the right direction. "Thanks," he answered and wandered over. Minutes later he came back with a large pile of books. As I was booking them out for him, I noticed he kept staring at me. I blushed a little and he seemed to notice. "Sorry, I don't mean to stare, it's just you're really pretty," he told me. I blushed even more. "Thankyou," I replied smiling. I had finished booking the books out for him."Here," I said pushing them over to him. He nodded then said "I didn't catch your name," I smiled again. I was smiling a lot with this boy. "I'm Heather," I told him and he shook my hand. "I'm Liam," he replied then turned to leave. Just as he was about to walk out the door he turned and said."See you around, Heather."



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