Battle Scars

Heather has a past that has damaged her for life. She shuts everyone out and trusts no one. Then she meets Liam.


11. Fears

We arrived at Niall's flat and I saw a sight I didn't want to see. Liam was sat on the sofa crying, actually crying. The other boys were sat around comforting him. When they saw me, they kind of looked around awkwardly. "Hi, Heather," said Louis trying to break the awkward. It didn't work.

"Liam, I really need to talk to you," I said

"Why, so you can blow me off again? No thanks."

"Please Liam, this is really important," I pleaded with him.

He sighed. " Fine, let's talk upstairs."

Once upstairs, he shut the door of the spare bedroom and took a seat on the bed. I sat next to him. "OK then, what it is?" he asked.

"OK, first of all, I'm sorry and secondly what I'm about to tell you, I have never told anyone so you'd better be happy."

"OK then, tell me,"

I took a deep breath. It was time for the truth.

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