Daughter of the King of Gods

Annabelle, born as a princess of the King of Gods. She finds out who her real father is, kicks ass and discovers who saved her from the fall. But what she does not know is that she is being haunted and watched. Why is she being haunted, who is this mysterious person who saved her and why is she special? No one knows. You're about to find out.


17. Traveling further away from home

It's been 5 days since I saw my home on earth and family. 

"I'm hungry" I moaned. My tummy was giving out to me because it was hungry. We came to a village and the people said they were attacked about 7 times during the week.

"Are you serious?" Tara asked. 

"Yes" one said.

"We should properly stay the night. Just to keep an eye on things" Cassie suggested. Everyone agreed except Peter and I.

"Sorry Peter but everyone voted to stay the night" Marie quoted, picking up her things.

"I didn't decide" I cried in sadness. I wasn't certain on staying here because it dosen't feel right.

"She scared" Peter teased.

"I am not! I hate you! You're so annoying" I snapped.

"Look who's talking" smirked Daniel.

"Tou chae" I yelled. That's right, I know french but not a lot.

"Will you two just shut the hell up. Sleep outside if you're scared Annabelle!" Tara objected.

"I told you! I'm not scared" I barked.

I was actually terrified because I didn't trust these people. But I finally agreed to stay the night. Everyone was separated into diferent rooms and we were really far away from home. My mother must be worried sick.

The next day nobody was attacked but the forest nearby was making werid noises.and Milly was scared. Then it stopped so we said goodbye to the villagers and moved futher away from home. I miss home.

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