Daughter of the King of Gods

Annabelle, born as a princess of the King of Gods. She finds out who her real father is, kicks ass and discovers who saved her from the fall. But what she does not know is that she is being haunted and watched. Why is she being haunted, who is this mysterious person who saved her and why is she special? No one knows. You're about to find out.


21. The final battle between the good v.s. the evil

Annabelle POV

I don't know what he wants with me but all know it's not a good thing.

"Who did you think is was?"he smirked

"Whatever weirdo" I giggled

Peter POV

I think I know where Annabelle is. She got a kidnapped by that bastard Keon It's obvious because she would come and find me but she's not coming so its so obvious

Tara POV

Fuck sake, why did we have to be separated, its ridiculous and stupid.

Cassie POV

Oh great I have to kill this monster who is attacking me with its sword and I'm not really good at fighting really.

Orla POV

I'm going to kill this monster then I'm going to find the others

Maire POV

"Take this and that!" I shrieked.

Milly POV

What am I suppossed to do now, fight until my death ends?

Annabelle POV

I looked around the place. It was in a such a bad mess, there was bones everywhere and.........

"You look scared" Keon said, smiling. He told me to get up

"Why?" I asked after he forced me to get up. He ignored the question so I ignored him. I was put in a bigger room and it was pitch black. I flopped myself onto a bed and cried in my sleep.

Peter POV

I hit the monster with my long sword and cut him in half.

"God you're a strong demon" someone said. I turned around and there was a beautiful women but she was an evil one. She was a vampire and her name was Amelia.

"I'm going to chop you into little pieces and eat you all up" she said smiling. What an idiot, she doesn't know who she's dealing with.

She ran over to me and swung her sword at me but she missed. I kicked her and send her flying but she flew back at me.

"I am Amelia, daughter of the high vampires and you are my dinner. I'm starting to get hungry and my taste buds tell me that you taste delicious" Amelia said laughing. What's the matter with this one, she weird.

Annabelle POV

Help me,Peter, I'm sorry for annoying you. Keon is forcing me to get up, and come with him. He forcing me to lie on a flat, hard rock and I'm refusing. He knocked me out and I feel like I'm losing my powers.

Kevin POV

I have a feeling that Annabelle is dead


Lets kill these fucking monsters

Dylan POV

Use your powers Dylan, you want to win one of the girls heart so you have to be brave and kill every single monster that gets in there way. I just killed the monster now and I'm going to find the others. I found someone. It is Ciara and she is getting hurt. I killed the monster and Ciara is riding on my back.

Ciara POV

I am now riding on a cute boy and I think I'm after falling in love with because I'm blushing and my heart is beating like big drums, like size as the Eiffel tower.

Thomas POV

I killed the monster now and found everyone else except Anna and Daniel.

Peter POV

I killed her now, went right right through her and found another ugly person.

Drake POV

" I found him" I claimed. He was fighting a wolf, more like a pure idiot. 

"Buddy you never fight Peter because he can lose his temper" I taught to myself.

Oliver POV

Ok, that's good that we found Peter but it seams that Annabelle is far away from us, it's just a feeling

Dean POV

I love Mia! Nothing else!


Dean is so stuborn sometimes, in fact, he is all the time

Peter POV

Peole help with this guy will  you. They all came down to me and helped me kill the wolf.

"My name is Josh and you killed my stupid cousin. You all going to pay for this." he shouted.Just then Milly came out of no where and ran straight through him.

"Why didn't you let us all do it, Mily?" Tara asked.

"Because I've always waited for this moment, me V.S. my brother" she sobbed. She started to cry and I complained.

"We have to find Annabelle" Mia suggested. We all ran up to a big castle and bumped into the most powerful women in entire world. She had a Scottish name and she was called Melissa.

"So you were able to defeat my bloody and ugly cousins, well you won't be able to defeat me.

Amelia POV

They won't be able to get pass me because I'm unstoppable.

Peter POV

"My name is Melissa and you're all going to be stone dead. If you really want your girlfriend back you have to get past me,Peter" she said. 

"Easy peasy!" I shouted. She screamed because Ryan killed her and all you could see is nothing."Hey,my kill,not yours"

"Sorry.just had to kill her myself"

Then clouds appeared and it started to rain. Then someone came out of the sky with Annabelle.

She's not dead, don't you dare die on me, Annabelle.

"Thank god she ok" Orla shouted.

"She is dead, stupid" I yelled

"Peter I wouldn't go there if I were you" Maire warned

"What is she going to do?" I asked. Orla got really mad and then I remembered it's not play time its killing time.

"Give us back Annabelle or else" I roared at Keon.

"Or else what?" he answered back.

Annabelle POV

What is happinig, why can't move my body. I'm starting glow, I wonder why. Wait a minute, I know why because I'm the special one that every demons wants, they want me stone dead but I'm not dead.

Peter POV

"What's going on, why is Annabelle glowing?" I shouted.

No one new the answer because they have never seen such a beautiful sight.

Annabelle POV

This is the part of me, ha, that's a song by Katy Perry, she's awesome.

Orla POV

Now this is cool, the whole place is lighting up and Annabelle is in mid air. Keon his hiding, scary cat.

Annabelle POV

"Peter the world will explode unless....unless..unless..... YOU KISS ME!" I screamed. He tried to fly up to me but was forced back.

"I can't" he shouted back

"Someone throw something at me and once it hit's me,Peter can kiss me, you have to do it or your all going to be stone dead" I screamed. All the boys went to find the biggest branch and when they came back they were sweating, ewwww!

They swung it at me. It me and there was big bang.Peter quickly came up and kissed me. I fell to the ground and Peter tried to wake me up. I was dead but not fully. 

"Thank god she's dead" Keon said smiling.

"Shut up, Keon" I whispered

"You're alive"Keon said in shock. I got up, wobbled a bit but didn't fall. 

"That's right I'm still alive and will live forever" I shouted.

"I don't think so" he shouted back. I smiled and strucked him with one strike.

Peter POV

How did she come back to life?

Kevin POV

My sister has finally found her true power.

Orla POV

Amazing girl

Ciara POV

Her mum must be some legend

Milly POV

I love Annabelle, she one of the nicest persons ever

Lola POV

I love ice-cream

Annabelle POV

"You're dead to me" I shouted. Bye Keon, your going to hell!

Part 3

My name is Annabelle, I am 15 years old and I killed the most dangerous boy in the whole world. I live with my mother but after school I fly up to see my father shhh it's a secret, don't tell anyone or you will be sorry.

"Peter! PETER ANSWER ME WHEN I'M CALLING YOU!" I screamed to the top of my lungs.

"What!" he screamed back.

"You're so annoying" I shouted.

"Look who talking" Peter shrieked

"Tou shay" I said smiling. He got so angry that he leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back everyone was watching.

Orla POV

"Are they ever going to get on or what" I said. 

"Don't worry they will" Oliver said. I started to blush and kissed him on the lips. Then I walked away.

Oliver POV

This is turning out really good

Annabelle POV

I got married to Peter and had 2 children. We had a brilliant life, well I did. I am still special, sort of but I will soon become human and......

not the Daughter of the King of Gods....unless...never mind,my lips are sealed so don't go asking me what I was going to say.

The End

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