Daughter of the King of Gods

Annabelle, born as a princess of the King of Gods. She finds out who her real father is, kicks ass and discovers who saved her from the fall. But what she does not know is that she is being haunted and watched. Why is she being haunted, who is this mysterious person who saved her and why is she special? No one knows. You're about to find out.


18. Starting to have amazing dreams NOT!

When it got dark we rested by a tree. I couldn't get to sleep so I wondered off. It's properly 11o'clock now and I'm missing my favorite T.V. program, Family guy. I love that show so much. If someone asked me who was my favourite character I would pick em all. I walked to a waterfall that was nearby and sat on the edge. I put my feet in gently but there was a lot of rustling going on around the place I couldn't even relax for once. 

Hang on a minute why could I hear people talking. I turned around no one there, my eyes sort of closing, I'm like a super agent or something. I felt the ground thumping beneath me. I flew into the air and this ridiculous monster came out of no where and I didn't really pay attention to me. If someone asked one of my friends what I am like they would properly freak out. I love Family guy, hate a lot of thing, too much actually. I can lose my temper really easily and I'm good at most of my subjects. I love Madonna, Beyonce, Jessie J, I've met justin beiber because his parents are good friends with my parents so that's how we met. I love singing, Justin said I was really good and did a song with him. It turned out pretty good and blah...blah..blah.. I NEVER STOP TALKING!!

"Bang"! I put my shoes on, got up and turned around. "Bang!". There it goes again and much closer to me.

"We meet again, Annabelle" A voice appeared out no where, I swung around and saw who you do not want to meet. But he was no where to be seen so I ran back to the others. I quietly lay down on my sleeping bag and closed my eyes. I was dreaming of myself in a strange place that had the most beautiful flowers ever and gorgeous buildings. Then there he was, everything went dark, angry clouds started to appear ,weird. All the flowers blew up and I was being lifted up in the air and came closer to the boy.

"Wake up, Annabelle" Orla cried. She shook me and my eyes widend.

"WAKE UP, WERE LEAVING!" Peter shieked.

I sat up and took a few breaths.

We continued travelling in some kind of direction I've never heard of.

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