Daughter of the King of Gods

Annabelle, born as a princess of the King of Gods. She finds out who her real father is, kicks ass and discovers who saved her from the fall. But what she does not know is that she is being haunted and watched. Why is she being haunted, who is this mysterious person who saved her and why is she special? No one knows. You're about to find out.


3. Starting at a new school

I woke up from being shook by Mum.

"Come on Annabelle. Get up out of bed and get your new uniform on"she said.

My uniform was on the end of my bed and my shoes were on my chair. Alex ran into my room and hit me. I chased him but gave up and kicked him out of my room. I shut the door and put my uniform on. I looked in the mirror and made faces then I noticed I was being watched. I spun around and it was the same boy. 

"What your name?" I asked as I was brushing my hair and tied it up. He didn't say anything. I put my socks on. I wasn't scared.  He came over to me and handed me something. "What's that?"

He took my hand that was free and opened it. He put the thing on my hand and closed it up. Then he disappeared and I opened my hand. It was a necklace, shaped like a angel.

"How cute" I whispered. I put it on, put my shoes on and ran down the stairs.

"Mum, I'm going now. Bye" I shouted.

"Aren't you forgetting something" John said.

"Oh, yeah, my lunch, I totally forgot" I said. I took it, said goodbye and walked out the door. My mum came out and told me I'm going the wrong way. I ran back and walked with her to my school.

My brothers school was just across from us (so unfair) and mine was just somewhere around the corner. 

We arrived and walked into the main entrance of the school. My mum knocked on the door of the school and I think the principal answered.

"Hi, my daughter is new to this school." Mum said.

"Come in, just wait in the waiting area while I get the principal" she said.

OK, I was wrong about her being the principal, I just thought she was because she looked all smart looking. The principal and my mum had a chat with her.

"Annabelle, this is your new principal, Ms.Lawrence, this is Annabelle." My mum said.

She said to me that the principal will show me where my new classroom. I said bye to my mum and went with the principal.

"So, you excited to be going to a new school, Annabelle?" Ms.Lawrence asked. I shrugged as we were walking up the stairs.

We got to my new classroom and she knocked on the classroom door. A teacher appeared and smiled. She opened the door and came out to us.

"Annabelle, this is your new teacher" Ms.Lawrence said

"Hi Annabelle. My name Ms. Jackson, I'm your new teacher but I'm not you're only teacher" she said.

The principal said goodbye and Ms.Jackson asked me to come into the classroom. She noticed that there were a group of older boys messing just around the corner so she told me to sit in the spare desk while she sorts out the boys. I sat down and looked at my necklace. It started to glow and then get brighter. Then it stopped glowing.

"What's that?" Someone asked from behind me.

"Whats what?" I asked. I took out my drawing book and started drawing.

"Can I have a look at your book, Annabelle." A boy said. He was standing in front of me and everyone was quiet.

"It's just Anna. Sure" I answered handing it to him. He was soo cute, just like the boy who gave me the necklace.

When I looked at the guy clearly I realised that he was that boy. My eyes started to sparkle and I smiled at him.

"You're a really good artist Annabelle. Are you going to be a artist when your older?" He said handing me back my book. Then the bell went and everyone went to the cafeteria.

"Hey Annabelle, would you like to sit with myself and my friends?" A girl asked.

I nodded and smiled. I got up and took my lunch out of my bag. We sat down around a circle shaped table and the girls were whispering to each other.

"Oh, sorry Anna. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Orla Regan. I love ice-cream !!" Orla said. The other girls names were Ciara, Marie, Cassie and Tara. Orla's hair was blond and was tied up. Marie's hair was pink and was as far as her knees. Cassie's hair was red and in pigtails. Last was Tara and her hair was the colour blue. Then the bell went.

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