Daughter of the King of Gods

Annabelle, born as a princess of the King of Gods. She finds out who her real father is, kicks ass and discovers who saved her from the fall. But what she does not know is that she is being haunted and watched. Why is she being haunted, who is this mysterious person who saved her and why is she special? No one knows. You're about to find out.


19. Making more friends on our journey

Annabelle POV

I didn't even no where we were heading but everyone seams to know. We were walking until there was a big crash. I ran for it, everyone calling me to come back, I refused to back now.

Marie POV

Annabelle is getting really annoyed now, I just know it. No afence to her but I sorta wish she wasn't with us but she had to come because then she would be killed by the dark, evil, boy, who is followed by the name Max. Ugh, hes so cute but........evil. He's a strange boy and weird.

Orla POV

I really hate Annabelle now but she can be sometimes funny when it comes to JLS. I don't hate em, there ok like, but if someone mentions them she will be red all over. If you like them and mention them to Anna you would get angry then it will turn out to be a chick fight, ha!

Cassie POV

It's so funny when Peter and Annabelle are fighting and I know Tara always tries to stop them but it's very difficult because Annabelle can be scary sometimes. But does Peter think Annabelle is smart, pretty and super nice when nothing or no one is annoying her.

Annabelle POV

I'm sorry people if I'm being a pain in the ass but it's not my fault. It's just life, it's just nature and that's way it goes on earth. I hate Peter right this minute but he is sort of cute when he yells. It was weird because on earth he was nice to me but now HE'S DRIVING ME ALL OVER THE PLACE and that why I hate him.

Ciara POV

Blame Daniel for making Anna run ahead. Well done, bravo to Daniel.

Milly POV

I know I just met them like a few days ago but I feel sorry for Annabelle.Daniel?.....He's just a big jerk. But he's cute and strong except when I see it he's useless.

Dean POV

Lola is so beautiful, the minute I saw her, I was amazed. She was like a angel that fell up from earth.

Annabelle POV

I ran back to the others with a boy. 

"You didn't tell me you're name" I said frowning.

"I'm sorry, Miss, my name is Ryan" he said.

Marie really anjoyed listing to him talk about his life. Everyone found him boring especially me. We came to another village and asked could we stay the night.

The next day people were attacked during the night but for some reason we weren't. I ran to the woods everyone following me until I saw the monster that detroyed the village and I jumped over him and hit him with my bow and arrow.

"We are being followed but its invisible" I shouted when we travelled again.

Nobody believed me so I stopped walking, turned around, shot my arrow at the person who was following us and it screamed. It was a boy and before he was invisible, yeah that's right, he was invisible, nobody could see him except me so when he was shot he...blah..blah...blah...everyone could see him now.

"Why did you do that" he asked when I was heeling him. That's correct, I can heel people that got ingured. It like from that T.V. show I used to watch, Charmed, where the oldest charmed one married a white lighter named Leo, what a beautiful name and he could heel injured people. So that's one of my powers. I have quite a lot now so it will take ages to explain them.

"I'm going to answer that question later, WHAT IS YOU'RE NAME?" I shouted.

"Oliver" he cried.

"Nice name" Ciara said smiling.

Then we found another boy then two more and then a girl, another boy and finally no more.

Peter POV

Ok, Anna is so pretty dam useless, I was only nice to her because its a bloody, stupid curse. So when I'm on earth I'm nice but If I'm above earth I'm harsh. But Anna dosen't know and I don't want her to find out.

Annabelle POV

It's weird now, I feel like I'm being watched by the evil boy and I feel like I'm going to die. I'm not sure, I'm not possitive but I have a feeling that he killed my father and destroyed my home (on heaven) and now he proberly wants me stone dead. I don't know, it's just a feeling. 

So the amount of people that with me was a big number. 

There was:

Orla,Ciara,Cassie,Tara,Marie,myself,annoying(Peter),Kevin,Dean,Oliver,Milly,Ryan,Thomas,Mia, Dylan and Drake!


WOW! So many people. That's thrilling in my opinion, ha!

Kevin POV

To many people but it's still cool. I think Aoife is in love with me, laugh out loud!

Milly POV

I'm anjoying this little holiday. I know it's not a holiday but it feels like one.

Annabelle POV

I love it!

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