Daughter of the King of Gods

Annabelle, born as a princess of the King of Gods. She finds out who her real father is, kicks ass and discovers who saved her from the fall. But what she does not know is that she is being haunted and watched. Why is she being haunted, who is this mysterious person who saved her and why is she special? No one knows. You're about to find out.


6. Falling in love with the right guy and worse, the wrong guy

Ok, so now, I'm above the clouds, getting my hair done, trying on clothes and NON STOP FLYING, yes, I'm flying all over the place and in the distance theirs a black ship, thing, coming towards us.

"What that, Peter?" I asked pointing at the dark, weird but cool ship.He looked to where I was pointing at and his face started to realise who was coming towards us.

"Oh, shit. It's the bad king again" he answered.

He ran away from me and ran up to the king. He told him who was coming and came flying over to me.

"Annabelle!" someone called from behind me.

I turned around to see who it was. It was Orla, Marie, Ciara, Cassie and Tara. Orla through her arms around me and was squeezing me to death.

"Ok, that's enough hugging for the day Orla. Hi Annabelle" Marie said.

Orla stopped hugging me and Ciara through her arms over me. Then Peter came rushing over to me but this time flying over.

"What's up?" Cassie asked.

"Nothing much, oh yea I forgot. The evil king is at it again and hes on his way over.....Orla, what the hell are you doing?" Peter said but was distracted by Orla who was chasing a hottie.

"Just chasing cute boys, that's all" she answered.

"I better get into a safe place, Peter or I'm toast" I said.

The girls and I hid underneath the castle so basically in the cellars, Na, I'm only joking, we hid in my chamber. I was looking out the window, Orla, well Orla just wanted to try on all my outfits, Tara and Cassie read books and Ciara and Marie lay on my bed, both eyes shut.

I saw the evil King get off his ship and all his men killed all the angel soldiers and when I had a good look at him, HE WAS SO CUTE and I fell in love with him,oops.

But, when I looked at Peter, I fell in love with him too. I can't decide, bad or good. Help me God, please.

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