Liam Payne has never been what you call 'popular'. Shelby has been popular pretty much her whole life. But one day their two worlds collide...


2. Chemistry Partners

"So in conclusion, .9999 repeating, does in fact equal 1." The teacher was interrupted by the school bell ringing. I groaned with relief.

"Finally. I never thought it was going to end." Niall exclaimed. We both walked out of the classroom.

"So, what's your next class?" he asked me. I took a small sheet of paper out of my pocket. I unfolded it and looked at it.

"Chemistry." I told him. We both glanced over at the Chemistry room.

"Well, well, well. Look who's in your class." he said, nudging me. Shelby True was walking into the classroom. I smiled slightly.

"Liam's gotta cruussshhhhh!" Niall teased.

"Shut up, I do not." I snapped.

"Sure. Whatever. I got to go to Social Studies so bye!" he said, walking away. I slowly walked into the Chemistry room. The teacher, Mr. Hernandez, was at the door greeting students as they entered.

"Hello. And you are Mr..."

"Payne. Liam Payne." I told him. He checked my name off a checklist. 

"Nice to meet you, Liam. I'm Mr. Hernandez, but you can call me Mr. H." he said shaking my hand. "I believe I had your sisters. Nicola and Ruth, right?" I nodded.

"Yep. That's them."

All of the desks were partner desks. The ones where it's a table with only two stools at it. I went over to one and sat down next to a boy named Dan Richards. He is a pretty nice guy. And let me tell you, he plays a mean guitar. 

"Hey Liam. Good to see you." he said. I smiled. 

"Good to see you, too." I looked to my right. Shelby was two tables away. She was chatting away with her friend Eleanor. She is really popular, but not as much as Shelby. Mr. H started handing out paper. 

"Class, I want you to take this paper and write down the names of 3 people that you would like to be Chemistry partners with. Pick carefully, because once you have a partner, you're stuck with them for the rest of the year." I looked down at the blank piece of paper. I thought about it for a while.

In the first spot I put Dan, since he is one of my friends. In the second spot I put Jon Shone. I've known him forever. And he's nice enough. He is a super awesome piano player. I didn't know who to put for the third spot. I sat and thought about who. All the other kids in my class were either mean, weird or I didn't know them. I looked around the room. My eyes landed on a familiar face.

"No." I thought to myself. I looked up again. I smiled and wrote the last name down.


Liam Payne

1. Dan Richards

2. Jon Shone

3. Shelby True


Mr. H came around and collected our papers.

"I'll try my best to get you with one of the people on your list." he said to everyone. "Now open your textbooks and read pages 1-12 while I work on getting you your partners." He sat down at his desk and started going through the papers.

I pulled the heavy textbook out of my backpack and opened it. Unfortunately, I am a pretty fast reader so I was done within 10 minutes. I looked at Mr. H. He was scribbling things down in a little notebook. He picked up a piece of paper and looked at it. He looked up at me and big grin grew on his face. He was looking at my paper.

He scratched a bunch of things out and wrote something down. Then he looked at me again and winked. Did he write Shelby down as my partner? I really hoped so. Probably not but...a boy can dream, can't he? About 30 minutes later he finished. He was going down a list of names, telling people who they were with. Shelby and Eleanor were tightly holding hands, hoping that they would end up together. Probably.

"Eleanor, you will be with Perrie." Mr H. said. Eleanor and Shelby frowned. Perrie seemed excited. Eleanor stood up and dragged her feet over to Perrie. Once she sat down she seemed to lighten up.

"Shelby." he called out. "You will be with Mr. Payne over there." he said pointing to me. I felt my heart skip a beat. I was going to be Chemistry partners with Shelby True? This was amazing!

"Mr. Hernandez?" Shelby spoke up. "There must be some sort of mistake. I didn't write Liam Payne's name down. I wrote Eleanor, Perrie and Taylor. I'm supposed to be with one of them."

"I know you didn't write his name down." he said, looking at her, and then me. Shelby shot her head in my direction. She glared at me. I swear, if looks could kill, I would be dead to the core right now. Shelby stood up and walked over to me. We both sat in silence until everyone had a partner. Shelby looked over at me.

"How dare you write my name down, Liam Payne." she said, sounding quite annoyed. It was so cute how she called me by my full name. She was just cute in general. Her brown eyes sparkling, her long, wavy chocolate-colored hair that looked so soft, her luscious lips that looked so kissable, everything.

"Liam Payne, are you listening to me?!"

"Wha? Oh, umm..." She sighed roughly.

"Exactly what I thought. What is up with you?" She interrupted me before I could answer. "Look, all I want you to do is ask the teacher to give us both different partners. Then I can be with my friends and you can be with yours."

"I don't thi..." I started. The bell rang. She looked me in the eye.

"Do it, or I'll never talk to you again." She quickly walked out of the classroom, leaving just me and Mr. Hernandez.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Liam?" he asked. I slowly approached his desk.

"Well, erm, Shel...I mean me and Shelby both want different partners." I told him. He gave me an odd look.

"Liam, do you both want different partners, or just Shelby?" he asked.

"Umm...well...just Shelby, actually." He smiled.

"I put you two together for a reason. Because I knew you really wanted to be her partner. And she needs to be with someone like you. Kind, not selfish, smart; unlike those snotty popular kids." I smiled.

"That's very kind of you, sir. But she says she wont talk to me she doesn't get a different partner." I told him.

"Don't worry. She'll talk to you." he said. I cocked my head.

"How do you know?" He chuckled.

"Because, you guys are Chemistry partners. You're going to have to talk eventually." I smiled and walked out of the classroom. Shelby approached me.

"So who's my new partner. Taylor? Perrie? Eleanor?"

"Me." I said smiling. She frowned.

"Ugh. I'll talk to him myself later." She turned around and went to her friends. I wish she would like me, just as a friend, even. It would make my life a hell of a lot easier.

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