Liam Payne has never been what you call 'popular'. Shelby has been popular pretty much her whole life. But one day their two worlds collide...


1. Back to Hell

Liam's P.O.V.

I looked down the long, bustling hallway. Teens frantically running to get to their classes on time, small kids getting tripped by bigger kids, people slamming lockers and jamming lockers, everyone in clusters. And I, Liam James Payne, get to be in this hell people call high school every day for the next two years. Lucky me.

The smell of sweat and cherry bubble gum fills my nose. I carefully make my way over to my locker, trying not to bump into any of these delinquents I go to school with. I was almost to my locker when I ran right into someone, making them drop their books.

"Watch it, dork!" a familiar voice snapped.

I looked at the person in front of me. Shelby True. The most popular girl in school. We have known each other since like 3rd grade. Well, I've known her, at least. You see, I've never been what people call 'popular'. It's not really that I'm a nerd or anything, it's just I'm not noticed. Everyone seems to see right through me.

Just like Shelby. Beautiful, beautiful Shelby. This was actually the first time she's ever talked to me since 8th grade. Because in middle school, everyone is friends. And you expect high school to be the same. But if you're like me, you find out the truth the hard way. It hits you like a bullet. I almost got beat up in 9th grade just for making eye contact with 'Mr. Popular's' girlfriend!

"Hello? Someone in there?" Shelby asked. Shoot. Liam, snap out of it! 


"I said, move it." she snapped. I stepped out of her way and she stormed down the hallway. I sighed and went to my locker. 

"Hey, bro!" I heard someone say behind me. I turned around.

"Hey Niall." I said smiling. Niall Horan is pretty much my only friend. I mean I have some other friends but he is my best friend. 

"So...I saw you talking to Shelby." he said smirking. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. I ran into her on accident." I told him.

"What'd she say?" he asked curiously. I didn't reply. Niall sighed.

"She called you a dork, didn't she?" I nodded. 

"Well next time instead of standing there like an idiot, make a move!" Niall said, shaking my arm. I shook my head.

"Niall, you know I can't do that. She's popular and I'm...not. She could never like me." He just shrugged. 

"Stranger things have happened." he told me. 

I closed my locker and walked to first period. Math. I sat down at a desk and Niall sat down at the one next to mine. The teacher came in the room. "Okay, class. Let's settle down now." he said, closing the door. I could tell just by looking at him that he was going to be one boring math teacher. I slumped down in my seat. This was going to be a long day.

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