Two twins. Harley and Diana. Together, they are well known, but not so well liked. "Ew" "Bitches" "Sluts" "Die already" Those are the normal terms thrown at the two. But, one day, that all changed with an "I love you"....


1. School's The Worst

            Diana's POV 

          I huffed and threw my books into the locker. Today, Harley and I had been hit in the head with food at lunch. Alexis Walker and Macie Green. God, I hate those bitches. "Finally got the mashed potato from my hair," my twin and all time best friend, Harley, walked to the locker next to me. "Are you okay?" I asked. I always worry about her. "Yeah, nothing major". "What did we ever do?" I questioned. "What do you mean?" "Like, why us? What did we do to get treated this way?" I explained, holding back the tears that sprung in my eyes. "I don't know, Diana. I don't know."Bing Harley looked to me. "Last class then we're out of here," she grabbed her social studies notebook and threw her bag over her shoulder. "Let's go," she started down the hall. I grabbed my things and darted toward her. 

                                                              58 minutes later....

          "Now that wasn't terrible," Harley suggested. "We don't know anyone in there," I stated. "We're luckier that no one knew us," she pointed out. "Got that right," I laughed. 

                                                                   *At home*

              "So how was school today girls?" Our father asked as we took our seats at the dinner table. As always, we lied. "Great dad," Harley answered. "That's good. How are your grades?" Mom questioned. That part we didn't lie about. "All As of course," I replied. "Well, I always knew you girls would be well liked," mother smiled. Sure. I looked to Harley who had her face stuffed in fried chicken. Man that girl can put away some food! I laughed at her and she joined. "I think it's time for bed girls. If you've done your homework," father stated. "Homework's done. Let's go to bed Harley," I grabbed her hand and we walked to our shared room. Covering their walls were pictures of the Beatles and The Fray. Also there was one special picture we always kept of our best friend, Lizzy. She moved to America four years back. She was the one who stopped us from being bullied. We climbed into our seperate beds and stared at the ceiling. "Well, goodnight sis. Goodnight Beatles, Fray, and Liz. Love ya," Harley whispered. "Love ya Harley. Night," I turned out the light as we drifted off to sleep. 


Should I continue???





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