Two twins. Harley and Diana. Together, they are well known, but not so well liked. "Ew" "Bitches" "Sluts" "Die already" Those are the normal terms thrown at the two. But, one day, that all changed with an "I love you"....


2. Bathroom Beating

            Harley's P. O. V.

"Bathroom break!" The teacher announced. Shit. The bathroom was the target for girls like Diana and I. But I just had to go. That time of the month. We exited the classroom and headed down the hall. Diana looked to me worried. "It'll be okay," I whispered. But really, I wasn't so sure. My stomach turned as I entered the stall. Diana was in the one beside me. I could hear the "popular girls" outside the stall. "Diana and Harley are so fucking lame," Alexis stated. Ow. "Like why the fuck do they even live?" Macie laughed. They laughed. "It would be a favor to them if we beat them. Oh look there are the sluts now," Brianna Biggers looked as we stepped out of the stall. I looked to Diana who now had tear stained cheeks. No. "Why ya crying ugly bitch?" Alexis laughed and grabbed her by the collar. "Don't touch her!" I yelled. "Shut up ya stupid bitch!" Macie spat. I felt a pain shoot through my face. I fell against the dirty floor. I looked up to see Alexis kicking Diana on the floor while Macie and Brianna laughed and kicked my stomach. "Ugh!" I groaned and huddled into a ball. Tears fell as I lay on the floor, feeling kicks all over. "Harley," Diana groaned. "Please, leave her alone. Hurt me," I pleaded. "Yay. Better slut" That's when they all came to me. Kicking, punching, slapping, bruising. Each shot unbearable pain until I shut my eyes. "Girls! Time to go back to class!" A boy called. The girls immediately stopped. "Coming Liam!" They giggled and left. I managed to get one eye open, the other closed shut. Diana came closer and took my hand. "We're gonna be okay," she whispered. We heard voices from boys coming outside the bathroom. "She did what? Why? Why didn't Liam go check on them?" One asked. "Don't know. Let's see how bad it is," they other said. We heard footsteps coming closer as I looked at Diana who was asleep. Exhausted. "Oh my God. Are you girls okay?!" I looked up to see a curly haired boy with a blonde haired one. They looked shocked. I held my hand up. The curly one took it and helped me up. He looked at me. "God. This is terrible," he rubbed my swollen eye. "Ah," I whimpered. "It's okay love. We'll get you to a nurse," he held me tight. Why are you treating me like this? I'm nothing. The blonde one bent down to my sister. He shook her. She flinched and fluttered her eyes open. "Hello beautiful. Come with me," he took her hand and helped her up. "Wait, are you two twins?" Curly asked. I nodded. They picked us up and carried us out of the bathroom. 

                                                                   *At nurse*

I awoke in a haze. I found myself in a bed. Diana beside me. "Hello girls. Are you two okay now?" Nurse Nancy asked. "I- I guess," I answered. "Do you know who did this?" She questioned. I knew if I told, they would come after me, and beat us down harder than ever. "I can't remember," I lied. "Well, those lovely boys have been waiting here for three hours," the nurse whispered. Curly and blondie were in the chairs and smiling at us. Diana woke up and smiled as she saw me. "Hey sis," she kissed my cheek. "Who are you guys?" I asked the boys. "I'm Harry and that's Niall," he pointed to the blonde. "Thank you," Diana said. "No problem. We love to help beautiful girls," Niall smiled. "Stop lying to us," Diana giggled. "Not lying. We brought your bookbags. We told all your teachers why you couldn't come and they handed us the work. We'll walk you home," Harry smiled. "Thanks," I smiled and took Harry's hand. We walked out of the school while Niall and Diana followed. 

                     When we reached home, Diana and I thanked the boys. "Bye green eyed beauties," they kissed our cheeks. They left and we walked into the house. Mom and dad were still at work. "You think they like us?" Diana asked. "I wouldn't give your hopes up. They'd never fall for girls like us".

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